The ground floor of the Students’ Union is going under a series of redevelopments, including the Piazza and Cognito.

Loughborough Students’ Union –  the only students’ union in the country that owns its own building – is taking the time during the Easter break to make some ‘key changes’ to the ground floor of the building.

Union President, Matt Youngs, said that the redevelopment would be significant and that the work will “focus on modernising the space, as well as improving our ability to cater for a wider range of needs.

“Contractors are due on site from Monday 15th March following a deep clean of the space”.

The project is due to be completed by mid-May, which is “in line” with the “third stage of restrictions being eased.”

The Students’ Union made this announcement on their social media platforms:

One student told Label that they were annoyed that the renovations would be starting in term-time, as they “wanted to use the study spaces, but now I can’t, I don’t like studying elsewhere… I feel comfortable there.”

However, the Students’ Union have provided a list of study spaces on campus other than LSU that are open.

The Union building has gone under several redevelopments during its 42-year history, including Fusion and Room 1 being added in the 1980s and 90s, the opening of the Media Wing in 1999, and the moving of the Piazza stairs and reconfiguration of the entrance area in the early 2010s.

These redevelopments are rumoured to potentially be the largest modernisation of the building in its history, with a radical change to the layout of the building and the way it works. This is considered to be the largest change to Piazza since its construction 30 years ago.



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