There are at least 1,170 students are in Loughborough, the University has confirmed.

“The University has invited back 293 students on specific courses that are permitted to return, in-line with Government guidance.” a Loughborough University spokesperson told Label.

The Government has provided guidance to universities with what courses are eligible to return to in-person teaching during the national lockdown which includes:

  • Medicine & Dentistry
  • Veterinary science
  • Education
  • Social Studies (social work)
  • Policing

The University also confirmed that “A further 278 students are finalists on regulated courses who are also permitted to return under the guidance, who need facility access to complete practical projects.”

They also told Label that “this is the only in-person teaching currently delivered by the University.”

When asked, the University said that they were aware that other students – those that do not fit into those exemptions – have returned to Loughborough:

“The Government guidance also states valid reasons why students might travel (e.g. mental health and well-being reasons) but it is for individuals when they travel to determine if they have a valid reason.

“Students should not return to the University unless they meet one of these reasons.”

Asymptomatic Testing at Loughborough

The University has also confirmed that there have been “6,992 lateral flow tests between 1st January and [12th February].”

This includes both students and staff testing and includes repeat tests for individuals.

Of these tests, there have only been seven confirmed positive cases for COVID-19 in the last 10 days, which is down from 13 the previous week.

The accuracy of Lateral Flow Device testing has been put into question, with lateral flow tests at the University of Birmingham detecting only 3% of those who would have tested positive on a PCR test in December.

This is why the WHO says that repeat testing with LFD tests is the best way of improving accuracy

The rolling 7-day cumulative COVID-19 positive cases in Loughborough stands at 126, with 9 cases being within the Loughborough University area.


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