Loughborough University has released its plans for the resumption of teaching at the start of Semester 2, which starts in just over a week’s time.

Students who are on a limited number of programmes identified by the Government, or undergraduate finalists on specified programmes that require access to laboratory/specialist spaces, will be able to return (and resume in-person teaching) on the 8th of February.

These will mainly be students in the Schools of Science, Design, Creative arts and various Engineering Schools, and they will be notified by their schools if they are required to return for in-person teaching.

This will include most undergraduate students on courses including Human Biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering and Biological Sciences being asked to return.

Postgraduates on a variety of specialist health-related courses and PGCEs are also being allowed to return to in-person teaching in just over a week’s time.

All students have been told, however, to book a test for when they return to campus, and will not be able to access facilities or accommodation until they have done so.

Students will also require weekly tests from then on if they remain on campus.

Students can also return (although not for in-person teaching) if they meet one of the government’s key tests – if they have already arranged international travel to the UK; do not have adequate space / facilities at home to study; if mental health would be negatively affected if they remain at home; or they are part of an elite sport performance pathway.

The Rest

For students not allowed to return for in-person teaching immediately, lectures and seminars will be online for the first three weeks of Semester 2.

The University has said that “on or around 15th February, subject to Government guidelines, we shall announce which further groups of students can return to in-person teaching from 1st March 2021.”

The delays associated with the postponement of in-person teaching has also resulted in the delay in teaching timetables being released, which will now be sent to students on the 1st of Februry.

In addition, to allow for the changes to teaching schedules, an additional week of teaching has been included from Monday 19th – Friday 23rd April, the week before term was scheduled to begin. This will not be for all students, but will include many with practical elements.

The end of the academic year has also been extended by two days until Friday 25th of June.

Semester 2 exams will also be held online, similar to in Semester 1, with students also only charged half-accomadation fees if asked to return. Other students will continue to receive their rebate until the 1st of March, when teaching is due to resume.


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