Following the announcement on Thursday that the Vice-Chancellor, Robert Allison, intends to step down at the end of the Academic Year, there was an outcry of kind words thanking the VC from those who supported him, and a sigh of relief from those who have opposed him.

Twitter was awash yesterday with thanks and fond memories of the Vice-Chancellor, with mentions of what a tremendous impact he’s left on the Loughborough Community.

Others spoke of the fond memories they have of his time at Loughborough.

There were a large multitude of memes put onto Loughborough Towersposting – the student meme group.

By Harley Downes on Loughborough Towersposting
By Seth Billings on Loughborough Towersposting
By Adam Lofthouse on Loughborough Towersposting

Despite all the positive recollections of his time as Vice-Chancellor, there were some who opposed him and are pleased to see him leave after 8 years as VC – with Loughborough People and Planet being the most vocal on Facebook.

This is how we’ll remember VC Bob ๐Ÿ’œ

– Refused to invest in mental health services.
– Refused to meet with student…

Posted by Loughborough People & Planet onย Thursday, 26 November 2020

When asked about the resignation of the Vice-Chancellor, Loughborough People & Planet said:

“Itโ€™s difficult to feel fond of someone who ordered security to search students rooms unannounced with sniffer dogs and tried to hide that most students were innocent. Weโ€™re very critical of the VC on many other points too, such as expansion of shamefully unaffordable student accommodation and lack of investment in mental health services.

“However, itโ€™s not personal, this is a problem with corporate VCs across the country and ultimately students and staff should have direct democratic control of their own learning and working conditions, rather than being in the hands of a small highly paid senior management team.”

Others posted on Loughborough Confessions and Depressions, an anonymous confessions Facebook page, about their relief that the VC is leaving.

Bad things VC Bob did:
Refuse to fund mental health properly
Refuse to refund tuition fees
Threaten to fire…

Posted by Loughborough Confession and Depression onย Thursday, 26 November 2020

Despite these negative reactions to him leaving, there has been overwhelming grief that Robert Allison is leaving the Loughborough Community, and outcries of support for whatever he does in the future.


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