Weekly Coronavirus cases have slightly increased on the previous 7 days, with 291 more individuals testing positive in Loughborough – up from 283 from the week before.

The total still remains a sharp drop from the peak of 474 cases reported a fortnight ago.

Of the positive cases confirmed last week across Loughborough, 90 were located in the Loughborough University area, down just one case from 91 the week before.

Overall, the town now reports a case rate of 412 per 100,000 people, up from 400 the week before.

This levelling off of data takes into account the Tier 2 designation and start of the national lockdown which was implemented half way through this week’s set of data. So far, the lockdown has had no effect on the case data.

The Label COVID-19 Case tracker is updated each weekday with the latest 7-day figures. Data from PHE is 5 days delayed.

The University has separately reported 321 positive cases within the last 10 days amongst the student population through their ‘Connect & Protect’ system. This is down from 458 cases reported a week ago.

Elsewhere in Loughborough, Storer & Queens Park (the main part of the student triangle) has seen cases rise to 77 (up 5), with similar small rises in Lemyngton & Hastings and the Outwoods area.

A similar pattern has been seen across the entirety of Charnwood, with 734 new cases reported last week, up 72 compared to the week before.

To help stop the spread of Coronavirus to families over the Christmas break, the Government has proposed a week of mass testing that overlaps with the end of the national lockdown between the 30th November and the 6th December.

The government has promised free, fast “lateral flow tests” with a rapid turnaround meaning “results within an hour”. The tests will become available in Loughborough sometime during the week of 23rdNovember.

In addition, the University has made the decision to halt all in-person teaching in both Loughborough and London from Wednesday 9th December, in line with the new Government rules.

At that point, all lectures and seminars will move online where possible until the end of term on Friday 18th December, following students’ existing timetables.

But until then, the University will remain open and teaching will continue to current arrangements. The Library and other academic facilities will remain open as will essential shops such as the LSU outlets remaining open.

Whilst Cases amongst student age groups are generally continuing to decline, cases of those aged between 30-39 and 50-59 have rapidly increased over the last 7 days of data, with just as many cases in those age groups as in teenagers.

This will undoubtedly sow doubt in the minds of residents of Loughborough and Charnwood – who had previously seen a reduction in cases in these age groups a week prior.

Label will be updating the figures on our Loughborough Coronavirus Map every weekday with the latest figures, and will post weekly updates on the latest situation across the town each Thursday.

Notes on Methodology

Cases at the local-level are split into Middle Super Output Areas (MSOAs) – small areas with around 7,200 average population.

Counts of between 0 and 2 cases per MSOA are shown as ‘0-2’, to protect the identity of those who have tested positive in that area, and therefore no data is available until cases hit 3 in each MSOA.

Data is collected by Public Health England here, and is updated every 7 days for each calendar week, at a 5 day delay. Weekly data is now published on Fridays. You can download a copy of the latest data for Loughborough here. Data reproduced under the Open Government Licence v3.0.


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