Robert Allison, Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University, has contacted students telling them that they must not “move between their permanent home and student home” during term time to limit the spread of COVID-19 and that “the University… will remain open.”

This follows an announcement by the Government on Sunday that England would return to a lockdown until the 2nd December from Thursday.

The National Union of Students has already said that students should have a choice to go home safely ahead of the lockdown.

The Vice-Chancellor followed his request with a reiteration that “the University… will remain open” and that the number of students at the University testing positive for COVID-19 is “falling”.

“There are no significant reports of transmission or infection in the context of teaching and learning” he adds. Stating that transmission is largely associated with “residential accommodation” both on campus and in town.

Professor Allison said that he recognises that students want to return home for Christmas and that the University have made their intentions to allow this clear. He also awknowledges that not all students will be able to return home and that “we will support students who remain here”.

Further to this, he said that “the teaching and learning framework being implemented by the University” will continue to operate “largely unchanged” with a mix of in-person and online delivery.

Labs and other practical classes will continue to run as normal and work is to be submitted by published deadlines. “You will need to factor this, and the government’s statement that students should stay at their campus until the end of term” into any decision “you choose to make if you are considering returning home before Thursday.”

The Vice-Chancellor has reiterated the University’s commitment to keep the campus open, “maintain our taught programmes and preserve the campus environment as a safe place to study, socialise and participate in sport.

“How we do this over the next four weeks will be a challenge but with your support and loyalty I know that we can do it.”


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