With a rising number of cases across Loughborough and the country, LSU has announced that they will be launching the ‘Covid Community Champions’ Scheme, designed to help out students who are self-isolating.

The scheme, launched on Friday, aims to provide “doorstep delivery of prescriptions, post, library books, printing, and meals” for students who are self-isolating due to Coronavirus, and is designed to help students both on and off campus.

This follows a meeting between Matt Youngs, Union President; Robert Alison, Vice Chancellor; and Richard Taylor, Chief Operating Officer for Loughborough University on Wednesday.

They discussed that “the number of students” which have been impacted by a rise in the spread of COVID-19 is “higher” as a proportion of new cases in Loughborough.

In a statement released on Friday, Mr Youngs said that they have established a “gold and silver” level of “governance” in order to coordinate this effort.

“Gold group is chaired by myself and is formed of the chairs of each of the five silver groups: Recruitment, Marketing and Communications; Operations & Management; Halls Liaison; Pastoral Support;[and] Sports.”

The “gold and silver” groups are made up of “almost entirely” the Executive Team, and each group is chaired by a member of the Officer Team.

Mr Youngs has instructed the Executive to make this project a “priority” as well as empowering their support staff and sectional committees to “continue to deliver sectional activity”

This, however, has led some students to have concerns over the workload being put onto the voluntary sectional committees. One volunteer told¬†Label that “The pressure of a whole section” being delegated down to full-time students is something they are “not happy with”.

On the project, Mr Youngs said that “The scale of this… cannot be understated” and that “We now find ourselves in a position to support students who would otherwise be unable to receive essential items” and gives thanks to the “incredible volunteer force”.

You can find out more about the project and how to get involved here.


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