A student who posted a racist Snapchat story berating other ethnicities has been suspended from the university before the first semester has even started. 

The student, who shall not be named, posted a Snapchat story of him saying racist remarks about his flatmates. In the story he says he is “not being racist” however, he then proceeds to say that he was “stuck in the ethnicity flat… when there are loads of fittys [sic] in all the other flats”, claiming that “they all stink”.

The screenshot of the Snapchat story has circulated around Twitter, with currently over 1500 retweets and 3500 likes.

The University, however, has taken swift action. Last night, Loughborough University tweeted:

Later this afternoon, the University responded with a further statement in regards to the racist comments sent by the Fresher:

Many Twitter users, however, are not completely happy with the response of the University, stating that “there should be no investigation” and “he should be expelled from his studies”.

The University are still continuing with their investigation, and this article will continue to be updated on this breaking story.


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