The University have released an update regarding the safety measures which will be implemented on campus.

In a recent post on the Loughborough University website, the University have stated that the new ‘University’s Face Coverings Policy’ will come into action from Monday 7th September 2020. They have stated that face coverings are to be required in the following environments:

  • communal indoor public areas in buildings such as EHB and James France
  • lecture theatres and teaching rooms
  • multi-occupancy toilets
  • main thoroughfares and common communal areas

They have also listed the areas where face coverings are not required:

  • offices (including multi-occupancy offices)
  • areas where the use of face coverings would be impractical (for example where staff and students eat or drink)
  • laboratories and workshops (unless a local risk assessment says otherwise)

In regards to cleanliness and hygiene, students are encouraged to wash their hands throughout the day, for at least 20 seconds a time. Areas which are touched the most on campus – such as bannisters and tables – will be regularly cleaned and wiped by staff members.

Social distancing measures will also be maintained on campus with one-way systems in buildings as well as limits on the number of people in communal areas such as kitchen areas and toilets. Perspex screens will also be placed at reception desks.

The University’s post can be found here which contains all of the information needed to stay safe on campus, particularly during contact hours. The post also features a video showing how measures will be implemented on campus.

Information correct as of 21/08/2020 17:46
Header by Joshua Gray / LSU Media


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