Last night (17th July), the Loughborough Family joined together to celebrate the very best of the University community.

In its first virtual ceremony since the awards’ inception in 2005, the LEAs aimed to recognise and reward the students who put tremendous effort into the Loughborough experience throughout their time in the East Midlands – giving something back to the students who invest their time in both the the University and Students’ Union.

Over 300 nominations were submitted to the panel this year despite the global Coronavirus pandemic, meaning that selecting the winners for the 13 individual LEAs and the additional awards “was no easy task”. The panel looked for selflessness, attitude, impact of the nominees activities, and variation in activities, in each nominee.

Union President Salomé Doré revealed the winners on the night, alongside current and past Exec members and the Vice Chancellor. The individuals and groups awarded were as follows:

Individual Loughborough Experience Awards

  • Alex Marlowe (Welfare & Diversity)
  • Helena Lucas (Rag, Media, DRC)
  • Christopher Leroux (Media, DRC, LSU Exec)
  • Jodie Evans (Action, DSF)
  • Chris Nixon (Action)
  • James Phenix (School President, Societies, Enterprise)
  • Stuart Ashton (Action, LSU Exec, College)
  • Fejiro Amam (Welfare & Diversity, International)
  • Lea Sawicki (Welfare & Diversity)
  • Zac Jordan (DSF)
  • Emily Hansell (Assistant Venue Manager, AU)
  • Joshua Gray (DRC, Media)
  • Tom Calcluth (Ethics & Environment, Action)

Warden of the Year

  • Bee King (Hazlerigg-Rutland)

Hall of the Year

  1. Harry French
  2. Claudia Parsons
  3. Falkner-Eggington & Robert Bakewell (Joint 3rd)

Staff Member of the Year

  • Jane Turner (Rag)

Dame Shirley Pearce Team of the Year 

  • Department Students’ Federation
  • School Presidents

LSU President Award

  • Ben Steward (Venue)

Sir David Wallace Trophy

  • Emily Hansell

You can watch the whole ceremony back on the LSU Facebook Page here.


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