Returning volunteer, Katrina Sweeney, shares what she will do when lockdown is finally lifted. 

During the current difficult times looking towards the future can be hard. It may feel as though there is no immediate end in sight – but it can be helpful to create plans and remind ourselves that this WILL end! So, it is important to have things to look forward too for when lockdown is completely lifted, and life can go back to the way it was – or hopefully even better. This has led to me considering my own quarantine bucket list of what I want to do when lockdown is over:

  • See loved ones – The first thing to do is to finally be able to see my family and friends, to catch up on missed time, and really cherish the time spent together making new memories and appreciating every conversation.
  • Go to pubs, clubs, restaurants, and cinemas – To be able to regain my social interactions and enjoy the freedom of drinking, dancing, and watching a movie surrounded by my loved ones. I have missed being around people, the buzz of being at a busy restaurant, a pub filled with people you know, and the excitement to relax and watch a film with popcorn and people around you dying to escape to an alternative world and experience something new. I want to experience this outside of the comforts of my home, surrounded by strangers all high from the happiness of the end of lockdown.
  • Physical contact – I can’t wait to hug my baby cousins, hug all of my family, friends, and loved ones, and shower them with hugs and kisses to really truly show them how much I’ve missed them.
  • Travel – Whenever it finally becomes possible, I cannot wait to escape to somewhere new. It’s something so many of us were looking forward to and many holidays have been halted because of COVID-19, so when we are able to – a trip abroad would be fun to catch up on tanning, cocktails, beaches and the immense summer vibes we missed out on.
  • Make more of an effort to see people & let them know how much I appreciate them – During this time I have considered all the times I turned down going out, and while that is fine to do so – I know I will now take every opportunity to go to events and see my friends,  while also reminding them just how special they are to me.

These are just a few things I’m looking forward to, alongside many others.  I’m sure we are all excited for many lost opportunities to become available to us, looking forward to being out of lockdown, free to go to friends’ houses, have BBQs, go to clubs, pubs – with social distancing being a distant memory. Times are tough, but it’s important to keep positive and know this will one day be over and better times will come.

Featured image by Frankie Stevens.


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