Media Volunteer, Matthew Rousou, talks us through cuts in football during the Covid-19 lockdown.

In the last month, Premier League clubs have come under much criticism in the media in today’s struggling economy as a result of Coronavirus. Players have been asked to take a 30% wage cut in order to fund their clubs if the season does not continue.

Premier League clubs have multi-million (and in some cases billion) pound budgets, with astronomical amounts allocated to wages for their players each week. Also, a meeting was held between the Premier league captains to discuss how players can help in providing donations to help the country.

Have clubs started to step forward and help?

The Premier League captains shared a call in which it was agreed that players would set up a fund for the NHS. The initiative was named ‘#PlayersTogether’, led by Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson, and Manchester United’s Harry Maguire. Their donation pool will be linked to the NHS Charities Together.

Premier League players also took to social media to share this with their followers, spreading awareness of the initiative. I feel that this is an excellent move made by the Premier League players. Not only does this fund the NHS, but also relieves a lot of negative criticism that players often receive in the media. Numerous players in the league earn over £100,000 per week, which is under a lot of scrutiny in normal times let alone the struggle we are currently living in.

Along with the £20 million the Premier League are donating to the NHS, #PlayersTogether shows the players’ unity and willingness to help the country in this torrid time. Additionally, clubs have asked players to take a 30% wage cut to help with their cash flow as they are currently losing money as football has been postponed.

If the Premier League does not eventually continue for the rest of the season, each club will lose a lot of money coming from TV revenue and league bonuses. You would think that players would be willing to accept a wage cut considering their ‘generous’ weekly wages! However, only some players have so far been willing to undergo a wage cut, with many of these agreeing a fraction of the 30%. Some European clubs has taken matters into their own hands such as Italian giants Juventus who have frozen player wages until further notice.

It should be noted though that some international players have made sizeable donations to their homeland health services. Overall, it is positive news that football is finally playing its part in today’s struggle. #PlayersTogether is showing the charitable side of Premier League players.

However, you would think players would be willing to accept a wage cut to support the finances of their club and prevent their club’s potential liquidation. One can only hope that clubs agree a significant wage cut until life can go back to some sort of normality!


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