There’s no better time to start baking than while you’re in quarantine! Here’s a simple cookie recipe to get you started, made with ingredients you’re guaranteed to have in your cupboards somewhere!


225g Butter
110g Caster Sugar
275g Plain Flour
70g Dark Chocolate (chips, or chopped into small pieces)

1. Pre-heat your oven to 170C fan, or 190C convection
2. Heat 225g of butter until warm, and beat until smooth
3. Mix in 110g caster sugar
4. Sift 275g of plain flour into the mixture
5. Add 70g of dark chocolate pieces or chips
6. Mix thoroughly until a consistent cookie dough is created
7. Roll the dough into golf-ball sized pieces and squash into 15, 1cm thick cookies
8. Bake in the oven for between 12-15 minutes on a baking tray dusted with flour.

Recipe adapted from BBC Good Food.


Presenter Amie Woodyatt
Camera Joshua Gray
Editor Joshua Gray
Executive Producer Joshua Gray


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