Label Editor Anna Cooper, chatted to Rachel Caverhill, your candidate for AU Clubs Officer about her manifesto and ideas for the role!

What are the main points of your manifesto?

I want to promote inclusion, improve the training and support that clubs receive and evaluate and develop procedures.

What experience do you have that makes you suitable for the role?

I’m currently the AU Welfare Officer, so I’ve had lots of experience working with lots of different people this year. Also, I’ve seen how the AU works. In addition, I’ve been on the AU Women’s Rugby Committee for two years.

How are you going to work on the relationship with Kukri?

I’m going to consult the members of the AU because I think that’s really important to know what they want. I’m going to develop a good working relationship with Kukri so we can have benefits for us and for them.

Would you support changes to the structure of AU Exec?

I think changes could be made in terms of the way its run, to make sure that it is more efficient and ensuring that the focus is always on making it better for the students in the AU. But we’d also have to consider what everyone wants, there’s no point making changes if no one wants them made.

How will you efficiently communicate to all the different clubs?

We currently have GM’s that we have quite good attendance to, but I think we need to enforce these to make sure everyone is there and knowing what is going on. This will then allow their club to be more involved and develop them. I think we need better platforms than just using a Facebook page as information is quite usually missed.

Do you think any parts of the role need to be altered?

It’s hard to say when you’re not in the role. I just want to ensure that we have enough time to work with clubs and ensure their development, rather than be sitting in an office doing admin, I want to be around and present. 

If you were a biscuit, what biscuit would you be?

A caramel digestive – because it looks like a normal digestive but its something extra!


Voting closes at 4pm on the 6th March! You can vote here:


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