Volunteer writer, Maria Teodora, introduces us to a lesser-known artist: Doja Cat.

Unless you were living under a rock in August of last year, you were probably, like most of us, watching Doja Cat’s viral ‘Mooo!’ music video and wondering if this is where the world is headed now. That is why the anime-filled goofy clip gained close to 60 million views. However, with a little bit of research (and by that, I mean clicking on her channel and listening to some of her other songs) you end up discovering a talented, witty, unapologetically relatable artist with a lot of potential.

With her brand-new album ‘Hot Pink’ having been released earlier this month, Doja Cat is making waves in the up-and-coming artist scene. Her sound is a versatile blend between R&B, hip hop and psychedelic. Smooth and spacey, punchy and peppy, Doja’s music shifts from one style to another seamlessly. Her songs go from skilled rap verses to upbeat whispery choruses and display a great deal of duality.

Her tongue-in-cheek lyrics are the perfect response to today’s meme-driven society, touching on female vulnerability and self-confidence without abandoning her constant wisecracking style. With a good dose of sexy and bawdy punchlines, and plenty of relatable and bold statements, Doja Cat’s intelligence and sense of humour shine through her tracks. Doja’s ability to not take herself seriously is one of her most unique and refreshing qualities.

A dedicated fan of pop culture, her easily identifiable aesthetic consists of candy-coloured whimsy and cartoonish visuals. From the infamous cow onesie, to shiny fruits and futuristic cowgirls in her recent music videos, Doja Cat is no stranger to intricate and striking outfits. The same goes for her album visuals, maintaining a similar level of fascinating weirdness and creativity. Not afraid to express herself, Doja is proudly representing female empowerment through her music and overall social media presence.

What started up as an inside joke (intended to double up as a meme), ended up skyrocketing into an assertive and unique artist with a lot to say, representing a great breath of fresh air in the current female rap scene.

Featured image by Maria Petreanu


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