Our Features Editor, Vicki Phillips reveals why so many of us choose Loughborough, and gives some advice for the year ahead!

Personally, I came to Loughborough as it was my insurance. Ironic, that I’m now writing an article on why Loughborough is so great, which I clearly missed when I came here on my open day. However, I think deep down, I always wanted to end up here and I’m so grateful for not achieving my grades and ending up in the right place.

Other people are at Loughborough because it was their first choice, rightly so, with it being number one in the world for sports – related subjects leaving aspiring Sports Psychologist to be able to learn from the best. Loughborough may not be a city university, but it has its own unique constant buzz on campus and its settling atmosphere that allows you to feel at home so freely.

Loughborough is clearly an outstanding university with extraordinary facilities and teaching (which is why its 4th in the UK), but it’s all the extra bits that makes it stand out!

Whilst I’ve been at Loughborough for 2 years now, I have learnt a lot about myself and changed vastly over the period. First year for me was all about gaining confidence and this allowed me to push myself in my 2nd year outside of my comfort zone, to join societies and become more involved in university life. The more you put in, the more you will get out.

I have made lifelong friendships, which I have developed at unexpected times. You can meet people at every aspect of university life, in halls, committees, courses, smoking areas, Papa Si’s, parties, events, societies, sports and sections. I have had the privilege of watching these friends grow as people, gaining self-confidence and belief through the nurturing atmosphere at Loughborough.

However, for others they have fallen in love with sports that they did not even know existed before university. The range of sport at Loughborough is endless and you can push yourself physically to achieve the most and even change your whole outlook on life. However, you can similarly become involved in different sections of the Union with Action, Media, Welfare and Rag and gain second families and have a truly rewarding experience.

Therefore, my advice to freshers is to truly take all the opportunities you have. You have endless amounts of chances to become involved, from the long list of societies, award winning sports clubs, variety of sections of the union and the different positions within the Hall system there are plenty of opportunities to push yourself and access the most out of university. Go to the society and sports bazar and test things out, you may find a new love or you might continue to pursue a talent.

However, you are at university for 3 years and remember to not push yourself too far. Definitely step outside of your comfort zone and get involved in university life, but remember you have time; build your confidence and you will have the opportunity to become involved in all of these activities throughout your 3 years. Remember to enjoy a healthy balance of work and social, your grades don’t define you, but remember the reason you are at university.

Your time at university will go SO fast. Don’t take anything for granted. Enjoy yourself and push yourself a healthy amount. If you ever need help, reach out. There are amazing welfare services and department systems in place.

Enjoy the next 3 years!


(Thank you to all my friends who shared their experiences!)



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