Our Assistant Editor, Emma Ames, shows you all the ways you can be supported here at Loughborough.

Here at Loughborough members of the university are often referred to as family. In order to make sure every person in the Loughborough University family is safe and happy, we have a range of different services to help you in any time of need. Whether you are struggling with your mental or physical wellbeing, the heavy workload that comes with a full time degree or personal problems that are effecting your studies, there is always somewhere to turn.

When we say we are there for you at any time, we mean it. Nightline is an anonymous phone service run by student volunteers Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This service is up and running from 8pm to 8am, all night, so we can be there for you when you need us in times of trouble, stress or if you are just feeling alone and need someone to chat to.

If you need ongoing support with your mental health, we advise that you reach out to the Mental Health Services or Counselling & Disability Services that are here on campus.

A degree is a lot of hard work and it can get overwhelming when exams and deadlines suddenly overtake your life. Every single department at Loughborough has a Wellbeing Officer. Your Wellbeing Officer is there to help you find the support you need during your studies, whether that be financial, medical or academic.

If you’re not quite comfortable reaching out to the university for help, Leicestershire have an online counselling service called Let’s Talk Well-being. They provide free online, phone call or in person counselling for people struggling with mental illness in the county. They can also provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for conditions such as OCD. You can self-refer through their website or via your GP.

The Loughborough Student Union has its own dedicated Welfare and Diversity sections which regularly organise events throughout the year. The exam period can be particularly frustrating so look forward to Puppy Petting Sessions and De-Stresstival which features mindfulness classes and yoga to keep you feeling calm, collected and social. Welfare is here to help you feel represented and recognised in your student union. They are also a student-go-to if you are struggling with things as simple as homesickness or as complicated as finance.

You will also find that many other sections have their own dedicated Welfare Officer for you to chat to. Society’s are the same! So there will always be someone here for you to talk to about anything that is upsetting you or causing you distress. And that is what we mean when we say…

Welcome to the Loughborough Family!


Nightline – 01509 227 650

Let’s Talk Well-being – 01509 561 100

Mental Health Services – 01509 228 338

Counselling – 01509 222 148

Disability Support – 01509 222 770


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