Volunteer writer Ada Ughanwa gives us the latest lowdown on Brexit.

The whole of the country is on standby as Britain awaits its nearing fate on Friday 12th April. With the country in turmoil and a prime minister unstable, Britain’s future looks to be shaky one.

Britain was set to exit the European Union on Friday 29th March, however, on the day politicians within parliament opposed Theresa May’s EU withdrawal deal; the third time in a row. The reason behind her opposition was that Britain couldn’t take full control over its affairs with the EU.

Theresa May has now resulted in seeking help from the enemy- Jeremy Corbyn to try and draw out a constructive plan that will hopefully be voted on by MPs in parliament before Brexit day. Below is a timeline of Brexit:

Monday 1st April MPs went through indicative votes to try and find a solution to the Brexit mess.
Tuesday 2nd April MPs rejected all four alternatives towards Theresa Mays deal yesterday and so a five hour long cabinet meeting took place and with the possibility of a general election occurring to replace Theresa May as PM.
Wednesday 3rd April, Theresa May reached out to the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in order to break the Brexit deadlock and MPs backed a bill that forced Theresa May to seek for a further extension regarding the Brexit deal.
Today another set of talks went on in parliament amongst the Conservative and Labour Party which were reported to be progressive.
Wednesday 10th April an Emergency summit of EU leaders to consider any UK request for further extension
Friday 12th April Britain Brexit day, if UK does not seek – or the EU does not grant – further delay

Wednesday 10th April is set to be the next important meeting prior to the Brexit day as, the UK will require the backing of the 28 EU leaders in order to get an extension.

Despite the conflicts happening in parliament, police are preparing for protests worse than the 2011 riots, as reports suggests that protests will be taking place before the Brexit day if there are shortages to petrol, medicine and food, according to the Independent.

With just over a week to go before Brexit, tensions are set to be high with numerous parliamentary meetings yet to unfold and the dire fate of a no-deal Brexit becoming Increasingly likely.


Featured image by Omeiza Haruna


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