21:30: And that’s all! Elvyn have won the IMS Football Cup Final 2019! – Commentary by Christopher Leroux

21:29: Massive opportunity for the Holt to bring it back and it was missed!

21:26: There will be two minutes of added time on this marathon of a game

21:24: It looks like Elvyn are attempting to time-waste in order to secure victory

21:22: A missed opportunity for Elvyn to score, but do they need it?

21:19: 7 minutes left on the clock and it looks like Elvyn have it

21:17: Elyvn score. Elvyn 2 – 1 Holt


21:16: A moment of excitement as the Holt progressed up the pitch, alas it was short-lived

21:15: “BOOOOOOOO” – Hazel Shanley

21:13: The Elvyn crowd have again started to sing carols, in attempt to gain divine intervention possibly

21:12: “That’s an aggressive Deer” – Josh Gray

21:11: We now go into the last 15 minutes of Extra Time

21:10: The crowd have been advised that there will be no pitch invasion at the end of the game

21:08: We are now in half time of extra time, with little ground gained by either team

21:05: A missed opportunity to score from Elvyn, with fantastic defending from the Holt

21:04: And now Christmas songs

21:03: It must be dire for Elvyn as the crowd have started chanting the Lord’s Prayer

20:58: 6 minutes into Extra Time and not much has happened

20:54: “This isn’t a game of two halves, this is a game of two halves, and then two more halves” – Tim McGovern

20:53: Extra Time has started with no major advantage to either team, it could go either way here

20:49: Full Time. Elvyn 1 – 1 Holt. We go into extra time here

20:47: AMAZING GOAL from The Holt! Elvyn 1 – 1 Holt


20:44: Minimum of 4 minutes given to extra time according to the 4th official

20:43: “Where history begins” – Ed Radford and Tim McGovern; rather optimistic at the moment

20:42: 87th minute and Elvyn miss an open opportunity to score

20:39: “Nothing’s really happening… But I have cracked open a packet of Doritos” – Josh Gray

20:37: Free kick to Elvyn, they miss, much to the surprise of us all…

20:34: LSU Media are very pleased we no longer have to sit here for longer than 90 minutes. Temperatures are low

20:32: After almost the entire game Elvyn score! Chris Stevenson. Elvyn 1 – 0 Holt


20:29: : With this many opportunities we don’t know whether any of these lads will get any grad jobs

20:27: “What a save!” – Josh Thompson, as the Holt launch a stunning defense

20:23: Elvyn’s goalie has gone down, he seems okay but looks absolutely knackered

20:20: SUBSTITUTION – Elvyn’s Ethan Bennett-Gant  for Sam Jones

20:19: Free kick to the Holt and such a close shot, but yet again, a missed opportunity to score

20:17: YET ANOTHER MISSED OPPORTUNITY for the Holt to score, the tension here is worse than the Cuban Missile Crisis

20:15: It seems that both crowds have run out of new chants, with the Holt’s Hall Chair screaming at the top of her voice “BOOOOOOO”

20:14: FANTASTIC defense from the Holt’s keeper! Saving their chances at winning

20:13: Controversial decision by the Ref to call handball by Elvyn.

20:11: Tensions have reached a breaking point as the Holt are dissatisfied with several decisions by the officials

20:09: TWO VERY CLOSE attempts by the Holt to score, one on the bar and the other with a fantastic save from Elvyn’s goalie

20:08: Yet another missed opportunity by Elvyn to score, we’ve been told that extra time will be 30 minutes long if no-one scores

20:04: The Holt seemed to have forgotten where the goal is; instead attempting to score in Elvyn’s dugout

20:02: The Holt’s manager effortlessly provided a header when the ball came his way

20:00: Elvyn’s ball and it’s a strong start for the poshest hall on campus

19:57: The teams have come back on the pitch ready for the second half

19:44: Half-Time, and neither team are yet to score, tensions are high here in the stands.

19:41: If possession is 9/10ths of the Law then the Holt and Elvyn will be fighting for joint custody in court for the ball

19:39: YET ANOTHER missed opportunity by Elvyn to score

19:38: Offside, in the middle of the pitch!

19:34: Impressive save by the Holt’s goal keeper

19:32: The Holt Free Kick and yet again they miss, I feel like both teams are trying to catch a fog here

19:31: “I believe that’s what’s known as an argie bargie” – Ed Radford, describing the impressive skills by a certain Holt player

19:28: Both teams are yet to score, are we in DC?

19:25: Foul – Elvyn sly-tackled The Holt’s player. Free kick awarded, and the Holt player fell over, to the delight of the Sport EO

19:22: It’s been 25 minutes and both teams are yet to score, and the Elvyn crowd are yet to decide on a chant to sing to conclusion

19:19: The Holt are yet again attempting to score, despite this Elvyn are holding an impressively strong defense

19:17: “The Holt have certainly been the productive team this match, but Elvyn have had the opportunities” – Ed Radford

19:16: ANOTHER missed opportunity for Elvyn; it’s almost like they’re scared of the wrath of The Holt’s Hall Chair

19:15: Free kick for Elvyn, not sure why we’re reporting it, they missed

19:13: It appears the goal has been discounted by the referee, to the massive disappointment of Elvyn’s butlers

19:12: GOAL: Elvyn manage to get a surprise goal against the Holt

19:12: “Both teams have scored more than Oxford United have this entire season” – Tim McGovern

19:11: Great interceptions by both teams as they try and push for more ground; inch by inch

19:10: Offside as the Holt yet again attempt a goal. Great possession from both sides this match!

19:09: The Holt smash forwards, much to the dismay of the Elvyn crowd

19:06: “Strong defense from the Holt there” – Ed Radford, as Elvyn attempt to push another goal, only to miss

19:05: The Holt indeed missed their opportunity, much in the same way I missed my opportunity to eat dinner before the game began

19:04: It’s the Holt’s turn for a goal attempt, let’s see if they manage better than Elvyn

19:03: Missed goal opportunity for Elvyn

19:02: Foul awarded to Elvyn; Goal kick

19:01: Three minutes in and the ball has been back and forth more often than Theresa May’s Brexit deal

18:59: “Hard to tell who wants this more, the Holt or Elvyn” – Tim McGovern

1858: Elvyn manage to smash it back taking over possession

1857: The game begins with an early lead from the Holt with most of the possession

1858: Coin toss and the Holt start with the ball.

18:55: Elvyn and the Holt have entered the field to a huge applause, all looking nervous but ready for the game.

18:45: Both hall’s mascots have emerged from the changing rooms, with massive cheers and chants from the Holt

18:42: The stands are beginning to fill up as the game is set to begin in 15 minutes!

18:20: The Holt team have arrived on the pitch, in less force, but equally confident.

18:15: The Elvyn Richards team are on the pitch prepping for the game. They seem confident, be sure to catch the match at 19:00.

18:11: LSU Media are here setting up ready for the IMS Football Cup Final! The match starts at 19:00!


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