Missed the live reveal? Here’s a summary for you:

Image by: Amie Woodyatt

19.15 – From Finding Doré, to Hot Wheels, to Mo-Ana, we’ve got some pretty cool themes this year!

19.13 – Tune in to see some hidden talents! Click here.

19.00 – Here are your candidates:

– Action: Pippa Baynham

– Enterprise and Employability: Ashleigh Ponder

– RAG: Maz Di Felice

– Societies: Abby Reynolds

– AU Clubs Officer: James Greer, Seb Montero

– Welfare and Diversity: Matt Youngs

– Education: Ana-Maria Bilciu

– Sport: Lauren Durkan, Matt Leonard, Ioan Tolosano, Farid Yusuf

– Vice President: Darcey Dunne, Filip Simic

– President: Luke Wheeler, Salomé Doré

18.56 – Tune in to the LSUTV stream for some voting info!

18.50 – Watch the LSUTV live reveal by clicking here.

18.45 – The Elections website will be live from 7pm, we’ll be updating you both here on the Media website and alongside Marketing and Media on the Elections website.


Featured image by: Amie Woodyatt


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