This year, the Exec has changed, but what are the ‘top five’ positions? News Editor, Izzy Brann, explains below…

Let’s face it, Union Pres is the only true BNOC on campus. The role of Union President is one to lead the representation of Loughborough’s student body, providing a vessel for dialogue between students and the university, alongside the college, while being a spokesperson for external communications and public relations.
However, the job is not as simple as it may initially sound! The President has to manage and implement new projects, ensuring that all stakeholder’s views are represented and is the primary point of liaison with student committees, while leading the team of Executive Officers and dealing with staffing matters. They also sit on various committees, including Union Senate, Hall Students Federation and Storer and Ashby Residents’ Group.

Vice President
Our second in command, Vice Pres, provides the student spearhead on the Unions democratic and governance procedures, leading the Democracy and Representation and other important events, including the Executive Elections. They are a co-lead on the Union’s strategic Plan and co-signature on budgets, having to be prepared to deputise for the President on various committees in their absence. An in depth know-how of the Union’s ethos and workings is needed, along with a strategic mind, to oversee the sectional team, that is Rag, Action, Media, Enterprise, and Societies.

Education EO
The Education Officer’s role is to work with the university regarding educational priorities and student feedback, to ensure that all interests are effectively represented. They lead the development of Student Representation systems and provide advice and support for School Presidents in the training of their course reps, and School committees. They are the voice for all students’ educational concerns and are the primary initiator in collecting feedback with Student Voice (yes, the emails that have been badgering you!). They sit on various committees such as Mitigating Circumstances and the Learning and Teaching committee, to fulfil such a role. This year, they will oversee the College and Postgrad Presidents.

Welfare and Diversity EO
As their title suggests, this officer is the lead on all welfare issues and the representative of Loughborough’s diverse student body. They liaise with external groups, balancing the various interests of our students, support the International Chair, and are the primary coordinator with Halls. However, the role is most visible during events such as Puppy Petting and Welfare and Diversity week, where they organise events to improve the student experience and to fulfil the wellbeing interests of the student cohort.

Sport EO
Considering Loughborough’s international reputation, whoever undertakes this role has a huge weight on their shoulders. The Sport EO is a key supporter of Loughborough Sport, the President of the Athletic Union, and a budget holder of the AU. Their role is to empower and represent the diversity of students’ sporting interests across all sports, through chairing the Student Sport Senate and sitting in on sporting committees. They drive strategy forwards, highlighting opportunities and implementing the suggestions of our students. It’s not just all about rugby!


Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna


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