New volunteer Charlotte Daly looks at the benefits of joining a society while at university.


University doesn’t just consist of hard work and academic pressure; it offers an array of exciting opportunities that can enhance your student experience. Loughborough University offers over 120 pre-existing societies and the chance to create your own. The array of extracurricular activities doesn’t stop there; the university showcases itself through the opportunity to participate in over 50 different sports, ranging in levels of ability.

So, yes, the university may offer such experiences, but the question is, why should you engage with societies? Why should you try out for a sports team? There are copious benefits to such activities, but the pre-eminent reasons are: the opportunity to make friends, exposure to the full university experience, enjoying a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle, and improving your employability.

  • Making Friends

Signing up to a club or society offers the opportunity to meet new people. Especially as a first-year student, it is an easy and fun way to meet like-minded people. Once becoming a member of a club, there are usually weekly interactions and planned trips or social events in which you can participate and, before you know it, these people may become your best friends! Once you build these relationships with a group of people, you will regularly meet new members and expand your social circle.

  • Exposure to the full university experience

As the university offers 118 exciting and intriguing societies there is bound to be a club that appeals to you. You name it and I’m sure Loughborough has it. For instance, do you enjoy making cocktails as much as drinking them? Well, the Cocktail society offers just that! Learn to make cocktails, experience the cocktail nightlife of Loughborough and meet some new people along the way.

Perhaps you’re a Harry Potter fan and fancy a full contact, multi gendered game of Quidditch, alongside regular themed socials and game nights. Or maybe you fancy achieving your inner zen with the yoga society. Whatever it is, there is a society to match it and on the rare occasion there isn’t, you have the opportunity to create your own.

Immersing yourself in such societies and trying something new exposes you to the possibility of developing a new passion. Grab the university experience with both hands, you will never get an opportunity like it again.

  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle

The workload of university can be, increasingly, stressful and demanding. Therefore, joining a society or sports team is an effective way to take a break from your studies, reset your mind and relax. Taking a break and changing your environment can be a healthy experience and may improve your life balance. It is proven that activity can improve mood, self-esteem and concentration, suggesting your participation will improve not only your wellbeing, but also your studies.

  • Improving employability

Finally, the benefits of a society can not only enhance your university experience, but can improve your employment opportunities. Employers are always looking for aspects of a student’s CV that differentiates them from the rest. Joining a society or club can display another side to you than that of your academic results. Being part of a society demonstrates your ability to manage time, expresses your passion and enthusiasm for your interests, as well as highlighting skills that are transferable to the work place.

University is more than just studying, it’s also about personal development and shaping the future you. It offers the chance to pursue your passion, improve your social life and to position you well for future job opportunities.

So why wait? Throw yourself into a society, grab the bull by the horns and expand your university experience today.


Featured image by: Amie Woodyatt


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