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Keep Calm Week

This last week saw our Union host a Keep Calm Week, involving puppy petting and a giant ball pit! The initiative was designed to help alleviate stress over the exam period and proved a great success. The puppy petting event was even covered by the local news! From mindfulness to yoga, the week was much needed so thank you to everyone involved!

Antarctica mission

Our very own member of the Department of Geography, Dr Jeff Evans, is currently taking part in the Weddell Sea Expedition in Antarctica. The expedition looks to study giant ice shelves and attempt to locate Shackleton’s lost ship. You can see some amazing pictures from our freezing fellow on the university’s twitter.

President of Iceland

The President of Iceland also joined us this week to discuss the sporting success of the country. This formed part of the amazing TalkSport event, which gave students the opportunity to talk with potential employers in the sport industry, including Man City and IMG Endeavor, and some even offering interviews on the day!

Big Freeze

This week the UK faced freezing temperatures and the country was blanketed in snowfall, leading to the suspension of flights and over 500 school closures. Temperatures dropped to a record low, even reaching -10 degrees Celsius in some places on Wednesday night. However, it is really the US that is facing the biggest freeze as the East Coast is hit by a polar vortex. Temperatures dropped to -48 degree Celsius and people have been warned that their faces can freeze with just 10 minutes outside and there has even been 8 fatalities. On the lighter side, back in the UK, around 100 people in Cornwall had to spend the night in a pub due to cars being stuck in the snow.

US Government Shutdown Ends

Trump has reached a deal which will re-open the govt until the 15th Feb; he hasn’t received any money for the wall, some supporters are angry that he has ‘backed down’ to Congress, but as it’s only until 15th Feb, it could all go up again after that. There will be meetings to discuss border security before then. Trump referred to it as an ‘emergency’. He could declare a national emergency to claim the money for the wall if he decides that is the only route he can take.

Frozen Pant Challenge

While people are being warned to keep warm in America during the polar vortex, some have also taken part in the “challenge” to leave chosen clothing garments to the elements, and once frozen, shape them into photography scenes. Some individuals have posed their trousers with their dogs; police even froze a uniform. See photos here.


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