Today Societies and LSU Sections filled up the Union Piazza, spreading into Room 1, with their Refreshers Bazaar. Students looking to join a society for Semester 2 were offered membership to a variety of clubs, given information about LSU’s sections, and provided with free pizza (big thanks to Dominos).

The Bazaar is part of the Refreshers Week, getting students back into the swing of student life for Semester 2. It was held in tandem with Vintage Vera, selling vintage clothes in Room 1. While the Piazza was busy for most of the day, much of the foot flow was directed through to the clothing sale, and several societies and sections found little interest from visitors.

Here in Media, we ended the bazaar with a sign up for Exec Elections, creating a beehive of activity in the Media Office as we tried to sort out shows and content for February. (If you still want to get involved, you can message any Media committee members or the LSU Media Facebook page).

While the piazza was busy for some of the day, many societies commented that the event wasn’t pushed on social media very well; the only post on LSU with the bazaar at the top was at the beginning of the day, and even then it included other events on today. Several society members had even forgotten that the event was on, showing little hope for general students on campus.

The Societies Exec, however, did a great job at keeping up morale and chatting with all of the societies. In their bright yellow jumpers, they can be seen from afar, and were buzzing around the Union from early this morning. DRC were also around in their purple jumpers pushing the Exec Election nominations to potential student candidates.

If you didn’t make it today, you can check out the different sections on the LSU website at Get Involved. Try something new this semester; more articles on Refreshers will be coming to you soon!


Featured image by: Amie Woodyatt


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