Returning Label volunteer, Isaac Cave, brings you our latest music piece on Clean Bandit.


As someone who is a classic rock lover and grew up listening to the likes of AC/DC, Electric Light Orchestra, The Rolling Stones, I consider a fair amount of music made past the 90s to be little more than white noise. An exception to this however, has been Clean Bandit, whom I have followed since their rise to fame with the smash hit “Rather Be”. With the release of their latest album What is Love? Grace, Jack and Luke continue to display their phenomenal talent, combining electronic and classical music with superb guest vocalists, making every individual song feel unique and fresh.

What is Love features some industry greats such as Mariana and the Diamonds, Zara Larsson, Demi Lovato and Sean Paul – and not one of them feels out of place, with the melody and beat of each song blending seamlessly with each artist’s vocals. Track “Mama” featuring Ellie Goulding is perfect example of this, as her voice synchronises with the music brilliantly. Every song on the album is both entirely unpredictable and a pleasant surprise. The one constant throughout Clean Bandit’s work is the sense of sheer joyful energy, even in their songs with more bittersweet or melancholic lyrics, like in “Solo” featuring Demi Lovato.

My favourite song in this album is “Symphony” featuring Zara Larsson. The incredible vocals combined with the sweet uplifting melody makes it a joy to listen to, although its position is hard won. With so many singles that hit number one in the charts, you will struggle to choose a favourite. Even the songs that weren’t released as singles are surprisingly sweet to listen to, such as “Out at Night” featuring Tove Stryke and Stefflon Don or “In Us I Believe” featuring ALMA.

In summary, What is Love? features some of Clean Bandit’s best work, continuing their trademark style of classical music combined with electronic dance beats, and deep, meaningful lyrics. The songs are spearheaded by powerful vocalists who bring every song to life. That’s why I personally love this band, as their utterly unique sense of style makes them an instant breath of fresh air. What is Love? is out now on Spotify and iTunes so if you are looking for a decent new band to get into, look no further.


Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna


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