Returning Label volunteer and International DO, Ana-Maria Bilciu, brings you a heart warming message to her future self, which hopefully many readers will relate to.


As years have gone by, my heart has somehow managed to grow fonder of the future. I have always been one to believe it is far easier to project all your hopes and dreams into a time where they stand a higher chance to become true, so speculating and hoping for the better have easily become part of my routine. Indubitably, some of these tend to fail flat, no matter how much I strive to achieve them; that is perfectly fine, however – failing is not the opposite of succeeding, but a mere part of it. More often than not, failing has taught me the importance of getting up, dusting all the negative thoughts off, and trying again through more feasible manners or by looking at certain situations through other, different lenses.

Over time, I have contemplated writing quirky little notes or even recording heart-warming videos, to my future self; I like to think everyone has, believing that one day they would look back at how much hope they have had for their older, wiser selves. Personally, I have never got around doing that, due to many reasons – although blunt yet honest, the thought of disappointing a younger, perhaps more naïve version of myself was always at the back of my head, keeping me away from going through with my original plans. I know, shame!

With all that in mind, I would like to dedicate this article to all our younger selves that never ceased to believe in us – here’s to all you dreamers; I sure hope you are proud of who you have become and are comfortably letting others see how wonderful you turned out to be.


My dearest Ana (from the future, that is),

If you happen to ever come across this article, hopefully years later, I genuinely hope you look back on all you have done and are proud of it, good and bad.

Melancholia plays a crucial role in the way we interpret events that have happened in the past – no matter how difficult life gets, I foolishly look back at it all with a smile on my face; I hope you still do, too. In that aspect, I wish to remind you how important it is you push through any and every challenge that life throws your way. Yes, things can get difficult, so you are allowed to be sad or disappointed; you are allowed to be down, as long as you always remember that better days will come, and that you will eventually get through it all – no matter how big the storm, please hold tight, as all storms pass.

I hope you never lose faith in other human beings, and that you always strive to do and be better. You have always loved helping others, and you perform best when surrounded by people – never let anyone dim the light inside your heart, and always be kind to those around you.

At last, may I remind you how important it is you remain loving, accepting and understanding; you should not expect everyone to give 100% every day, so being there to let them know it is okay not to always be okay is extremely important. I hope, in years to come, you only change for the better.


All my love,

Ana (from the present, that is)


Featured image by: Amie Woodyatt


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