Label volunteer, Emily Boxall, gives us an insight on the highs of Hustings and why they are unique to Loughborough!


This November, 105 new Hall Committee positions were up for grabs. From organising sport to helping the environment, there was a role for everyone. It’s consequently no surprise that not everyone can be successful and in a brutal yet democratic process, 56 individuals fell short of electorate success. For those who were victorious, however, congratulations! They will be spending the next year working as a team to ensure their hall is run efficiently and that all the different sections of IMS, Action, Rag, etc, come together. But after the great trials and tribulations they faced at Hustings, this is sure to be a doddle!

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “hustings” as “the route followed by a campaigner for political office”. The Loughborough English Dictionary appears to have alternative ideas:

hustings (plural noun)

  1. A week where the day-time appearance of grown persons in a cowboy, goose or banana outfit, no longer provokes astonishment or alarm.
  2. The deterioration of one’s natural tendency to feel embarrassed or self-conscious.
  3. A healthy combination having a laugh and unleashing animalistic competitiveness, even in the shyest of people.
  4. The origins of “BNOCs”.
  5. The source of unbearable self-righteousness.
  6. A week of intense and entertaining challenges; masterfully designed and bordering on the absurd.
  7. A prolonged display of INTENSE passion for a Hall you have lived in for 6 weeks but have been destined for since birth.
  8. Natural selection.
  9. A democratic result; elating for winner and heart-breaking for losers #justiceforron.
  10. A memory that you’ll never erase (even if at times, you would like to).

Let’s face it, it’s is a tradition that truly epitomises Loughborough University and this year did not disappoint with flour, fancy dress and fails. You can’t help but admire its wonderful ridiculousness, its incredible sense of fun, and its unrelenting ability to produce extremely capable and well-rounded individuals year after year…..just don’t mention your ability to chop 9 raw eggs on the CV!


Featured image by: Omeiza Haruna


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