Label’s Features Editor, Leah Langley, brings us a piece on our love-hate relationship with the winter months.


Winter is well and truly upon us. Whilst some hate the thought of this time of year, others relish in everything that it has to offer. It’s certainly getting chilly, but what else do these winter months offer us?

There is the obvious discomfort of the ever so familiar chapped lips and dry skin that we have all pretty much come accustomed to over the years. The days are now much shorter, meaning we wake up when it’s dark and come home when it’s dark again; the light of day is a privilege when it can be encountered. Chilly days mean frost and ice which cause very beautiful landscapes, but also means we must watch every step we take to ensure that we aren’t going to start our own impromptu ski slope. The worst part of these winter months is definitely the recurrent colds and flus that we are all subject to. Just when it seems that we have finally gotten over Fresher’s Flu and have returned to a semi-normal standard of health, we are knocked back down by the winter bugs.

The colder months have some equally amazing things to offer us though. In Autumn, the ground is littered in crunchy leaves that are all different colours and create a blanket of sound across every path we walk. As winter approaches, cosy jumpers and socks become acceptable all day every day to keep us protected from the cold. The fresh air that envelopes us makes us feel alive and alert and gives us an excuse to curl up in front of a cosy fire the minute we step foot in the door. The best part of the winter months approaching is that Christmas will soon be upon us. It is now acceptable for Christmas music to be played as often as we like, and all the shops are stocking the cutest decorations that you could ever wish for. Holiday lights have decorated every crevice of the town and the notion of gift giving has become ever more apparent with the views of frantic shoppers desperately seeking out the perfect present for that special someone. The most exciting part of the winter months is the one thing we are always kept waiting for and constantly questioning its arrival… SNOW!


Featured image by: Leanne McCarthy


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