Label volunteer writer, Liam Hopley, brings you a piece on the elements of our home, LSU Media.


Perplexed by the difference between a section and a Senate? Worry not, as we’ll help you to make sense of all things LSU Media in no time at all.

LSU Media is part of Loughborough Students’ Union. It’s a student-run creative hub made up of four sub-brands, or ‘four sections’: Label, LCR, Lens and LSUTV. A recent graduate elected by Loughborough Students serves as the Media Executive Officer. Jazz Jefferies is your Media EO for 2018-19. Jazz leads a team known as the Senate, which includes representatives from each of the sections and looks after LSU Media’s day-to-day activities.

Media is all about volunteers, and is here to help you to produce great content. Do you have a creative idea which you’d like to bring to life? Think that you’d like to be involved in the creative industries, but unsure where to begin? Media is the place for you. Here’s a guide to what each of the sections can offer you, plus advice on how to get involved.


Whether you’re most comfortable writing columns, reports, or reviews, or want to have a go at crafting a viral quiz, it’s the ideal way to share your words with the world. Label also offers bundles of opportunities to illustrate and design graphics to accompany its content on the Media website.

Take a look at Label’s Facebook Page to see what they’ve been covering lately and keep an eye on their volunteer group to see what briefs are up for grabs. Nothing there which take your fancy? Why not message the page with some ideas of your own?


Loughborough Campus Radio, which has been broadcasting since 1973, gives you the opportunity to make your voice heard by listeners everywhere. The station is home to a myriad of music shows plus political debates, discussions about conspiracy theories and a brand new show: ‘Good Morning Loughborough’.

You can listen back to plenty of LCR shows on their section of the LSU Media website. Once term is underway, keep an eye on their volunteer group and stay tuned in live.


Lens, our in-house photography experts, cover events across campus: from celebrations and sporting events to live music and nights out. Whether you’re a pro or have no experience at all, they’ll do all they can to help you to produce stunning images of your own.

Lens’s portfolio gives an idea of the sorts of shoots which they’re usually involved in. You can have a flick through it on their Facebook Page. If you’re interested in getting involved, be sure to join their volunteer group, which is sure to be filled with exciting opportunities over the coming weeks.


LSUTV is the home of student video production. Here, you can star in videos of your own, including interviews, dramas, sports coverage and live broadcasts. If that’s not for you, why not take the chance to become a behind-the-scenes magician? Whatever you’re keen to master in the world of videography, LSUTV could be just the place for you!

Get up to speed on LSUTV’s latest content by browsing their corner of the LSU Media website (Tim Tries and Totty TV are absolute must-sees!). Make sure that you join their volunteer group to keep up with opportunities!

Getting involved

To find out more about getting involved in Media, come and have a chat with us! We’ll be at the Student Activities Bazaar on Sunday 30th September to answer your questions and tell you more about the opportunities on offer.

If you’ve ever got any questions, feel free to drop us a message or call into our office (upstairs at Loughborough Students’ Union) – the door is always open!


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