Our Entertainment Editor, Avelina Joseph, brings you a fun article about the beginning of Fresher life.


What to expect from your first few weeks as a fresher at Loughborough University

The wait is finally over. You got the result you were looking for and Loughborough University will be paving your path to success! Congratulations! But now it’s time to talk about what we’ve got planned for you! All I can say is welcome to the craziest weeks of your life…

  1. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat will be your motto for Freshers

Sleep will become a distant memory, partying will become a priority, and eating out will become a necessity. But don’t worry, this is all part of the experience and everyone is in the same boat. Take advantage of every planned day activity, enjoy the boozy nights out (even if you don’t drink) and become the social butterfly you’ve always dreamed of. Freshers as a first year only happens once!

  1. You’ll probably panic over finding the perfect fancy dress costume, but by the end of the week you’ll happily rock a bed sheet

Don’t worry about looking like the belle of the ball in your costume, realistically our themes probably make that impossible. Instead of spending your student loan, why not save yourself some stress and bring a few bits and bobs before you arrive? Guaranteed this will be a life saver.

  1. The Big Match is the next big thing and you’re all invited.

You may be stood out in the freezing cold, but this rugby match is a great kick-off to get you feeling in the Loughborough spirit. So, cheer for our talented team, chat to your hallmates and make more friends. It’ll be a match you won’t want to miss!

  1. The SingOff will become your hall’s number 1 priority

Wondering what I’m talking about? Well, every year each hall goes head to head in an intense singing battle where only one hall wins. Throughout fresher’s week, your hall committee will teach you all the chants and prep you for the night of your life. But who will take the crown this year?

  1. You’ll have the opportunity to run in the Colour Dash

This charity event is the first to be held on campus every year and is a huge hit with our students. So, prepare to run 5k covered in dry paint whilst getting the chance to explore our beautiful campus and bond with your new-found friends.

  1. You’ll attend the fresher’s fair and sign up to everything

But will swiftly realise you can’t participate in 20 different societies all at the same time.

  1. Or will you sign up for an adventure on our pick a project night?

At Loughborough, we’re keen to give back, so our pick a project night is focused on raising money for charity through a range of different activities. Will you climb a mountain or dash to Dubrovnik? Whatever you choose, it’s all for a good cause and bonding with new people is always a bonus.

  1. It’s almost guaranteed you’ll end up hungover at your first lecture and someone will walk in 5 minutes before the end.

Were you boogying the night away in Fusion or cutting a few shapes in Cogz? Probably both, right? So, the time has finally come for you to start attending lectures and it won’t be easy with your busy social life. But just remember its best to be present even if you are feeling a little worse for wear.

  1. But at the end of the day, you’ll feel like you’ve found your second home.

We’re here to make sure you make memories that last a lifetime, so take advantage of everything that’s on offer. Speaking as a third year student, the worst thing you can do during your first few weeks as a fresher is not get as involved as you should. It may be daunting, but don’t let that hold you back!

So now all that’s left is for you to grace us with your presence. We can’t wait to have you all!!


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