Some created women’s rights, some created music, but they all created history.

What does it mean to be an inspiring woman? To me, every woman is inspirational in her own individual ways. Some have fought unheard battles whilst others have been more public with their opinions. People find inspiration from many women whether they are within the public eye or not. For many years the world has been developed in so many influential ways by some of the most empowering women in history. There are several women out there that have had a wide impact on so many individuals, but are they all valued?

We have been brought up knowing about the incredible work carried out by women such as Rosa Parks (civil rights movement activist), The Suffragettes (fought for women’s right to vote) and Mother Teresa (admired for her charitable work). These days inspiring women come from all walks of life.

Ellen DeGeneres made TV history when her sitcom character, and she personally, came out during a show and, although this led to her temporary unemployment, she is now one of the most well known comedians and activist for LGBTQ+ rights. She also contributes to several charities and changes people’s lives.

Pop sensation Demi Lovato is known for being so honestly outspoken about the mental health struggles that she has faced whilst growing up in the public eye and has since gone on to co-own the rehab centre that helped her battle through. She has inspired and helped fans all over the world come to terms with their own struggles and ask for help.

Queen Rania of Jordan has become known all over the world for her endorsement work relating to education, community empowerment and health. She is particularly known for the work that she does with young children and women to provide them with a better standard of living.

The current chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, is often described as the most powerful woman in the world as she is seen as the leader of the European Union and the Free World. Her country was one of the first to let in Syrian refugees and was also the country that took the most refugees into their borders.

Oprah Winfrey was the first black person in North America to become a multi-billionaire following her talk show, which was the top-rated television show of its kind in history. She has also been ranked as the most influential women in the world, as well as being the most successful philanthropist in American history.

Perhaps, one of the most influential and popular women to have presented herself in our lifetime is Michelle Obama. Not only was she the first African-American First Lady, but she also became a role model for women and young girls all over the world. During her time as First Lady Obama became an advocate for healthy eating, poverty awareness, education and so much more and these are duties that she has continued to fulfil since leaving the Whitehouse.

Inspirational women surround us every day, whether this is in the media or on the streets. It’s clear to see from the short list of women above that regardless of your background or personality, if you wish to inspire then you can.

Leah Langley


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