With the summer holidays just around the corner and mother nature blessing us with decent weather, some of the students of Loughborough have been dressing up in bright and trendy pieces ranging from clothing to accessories. These are just a few of the trends I’ve noticed the past few weeks:

Tube tops

This classic 90s trend is back and have been around Loughborough ever since the sun started shining and the clouds started clearing earlier this April! Tube tops are usually worn with high waisted jeans or a denim skirt. It’s a simple piece that can be worn during the daytime and at night! I have definitely seen a good amount of these during FND. A good place to get good quality tube tops is Forever 21 or Brandy Melville.

Small sunglasses

Ever since London Fashion Week back in February, the small sunglasses trend (also from the 90s) have been all over, and now that the sun’s out most days of the week, more and more people are getting a pair of these statement sunglasses! If you’re trying to look for a good pair of small sunglasses but don’t want to spend so much, get some on eBay. There’s a higher chance of you finding something you’d like for less, rather than buying a pair from Urban Outfitters for £11.

Statement earrings

The past few days are leading girls to putting their hair up in a pony. I’ve only started noticing the tassel earrings and dangling earrings this month – especially when the person wearing them is dressed in basics (e.g. white tee and jeans). It’s a nice way of adding a pop of colour to your outfit without having to put in too much effort. I’ve recently discovered that Claire’s has a nice selection of statement dangling earrings at an affordable price. I bought 3 pairs myself!

Pastel coloured anything

I’m not usually one to wear bright coloured clothing. I usually wear black everything – it’s just easy to put together. However, recently I’ve found myself going towards more of the lighter coloured tops because of the heat. It turns out, I’m not the only one because I’ve seen quite a few people wearing white or light coloured clothing – particularly pastels. From pastel coloured tops to socks, I’ve almost seen it all – even pastel coloured sneakers. I really like this trend – it’s very playful and adds a nice pop of colour to any outfit. You can find pastel coloured clothing almost everywhere since shops like H&M are in full gear when it comes to this particular trend.

White sneakers

Plain white sneakers are essential especially during the spring/summer time. Some of the kicks that have caught my eye several times on campus are: Adidas NMDs, high cut Converse and Vans Old Skool Shoes. They’re a nice finish to a summer outfit – whether you’re in a skirt, dress, jeans or shorts. You can get a good and affordable pair of white shoes from ASOS. Their Date Night Lace Up Trainers are a good mix of sporty and chic.

Meg Jocson Ong


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