If you’re like me, motivation is hard to find. I look at the countless text books beside me and instantly feel myself drift off into sleep-mode, everything is more interesting and the to-do list I’ve been putting off for ages is suddenly my top priority. The gross shared uni kitchen? At this very moment in time when my work is due in 24 hours is my top priority, when the day before I was perfectly fine to live in an environment similar to that of the junk yard in Wall-E. BUT, when the time comes when I’m truly in a pickle I find that these 5 tips make everything go a little more smoothly…

  1. Turn off social media

This is my worst distraction even when I don’t have an impending deadline due within a number of hours. The world has evolved, they brought us technology to distract us and now have to implement more technology to help keep us focused. Apps such as, Self-Control are really helpful, they let you block your own access to websites and just about everything else online for a set period of time that you can set. Until the timer runs out, you’ll be unable to access the sites – even if you restart your computer or delete the app (selfcontrolapp.com).

  1. Make lists!

Maybe I’m weird, but I love making lists. If you write a list of all the things you need to revise or even have your essay plan beside you, you can tick off each bit and this will give you a boost of motivation to get to the end of that list and ultimately show you how close you are to being able to sleep!

  1. Drink water and remember to eat food (or at least some snacks)

Remembering to stay hydrated is so important anyway but is a must do when trying to pull an all-nighter. Having some caffeine is a good tip too, but make sure not to overdo it as you’ll give yourself a headache or even make yourself sick. Have a cup of coffee or two and then stick to water!


Rihanna is here to remind you, keep bright lights on! This will help you feel like it’s still light outside and not 4:30am meaning you’re more likely to stay on task and focused!

  1. Move Around

If you stay in one position, you’re going to get bored and tired. Every so often make sure to get up and just have a little walk to walk yourself up and stretch your legs, this will help you more than you think!

I hope these tips where somewhat helpful but remember all-nighters aren’t fun and should be taken as a very last resort. If you find yourself having to do all-nighters a lot maybe plan ahead, write a list (muahah, but really – they’re helpful!) and just plan your time around your work so you can get sleep!

Becky Gibbs



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