Role profile for Label Assistant Editor

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Support the Editor in maintaining Label. For example, making sure the article-posting sheet is up to date and assisting in the Label application for SPANC.
  • Take committee meeting minutes
  • Organise Label committee and volunteer socials
  • Be confident, organised and reliable
  • An approachable person for members of committee to feel comfortable with


• Develop knowledge of the journalism industry.
• Gain knowledge of every aspect of how a magazine runs.
• Steer the direction of the Label brand.

Useful previous experience:

• Team leadership skills
• Supervisory skills beneficial
• Good journalism skills

Average time commitment:

• Around 10 hours per week plus additional time in the run up to each of the special editions.
• Additional time during busy periods such as Exec Elections and Freshers’

Responsible to:

Media EO, Label Editor

You can apply here. Deadline 24th June.

For more information and all finished applications, contact Chris Leroux.


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