I consider my desk an organised mess. There are a range of things on my desk such as previous coursework, old train tickets and food. I don’t leave them there because I’m lazy – every single thing on my desk has its purpose or meaning.

The old piece of coursework that I didn’t do so well in is on my desk to remind me to always do my best and to keep my standards high. It’s a motivational push from one of my not so great papers. Next to that are my post-its and a cup full of colourful pens. I like using post-it’s because of their versatility and usefulness – I use them for reminders and taking down important notes. My daily journal is right next to my post-its. I like to stay on top of my to do lists and having my journal on my desk reminds me to constantly keep writing in it and checking what I need to do next.

Now, aside from my notebooks and university knick knacks, I have a few other personal items. The pictures of my family and closest friends sit directly in front of my seat, by my window and keep me sane whenever I feel homesick or at a loss. It is a constant reminder for me to try my best to make my parents proud. Situated next to my picture frames is a scrapbook containing pictures from high school and my first year in university.

The final thing on my desk is my very own DVD set of the TV series, Friends. Anyone who knows me well would know I’m a huge Friends fan. Though Friends is now on Netflix, I still prefer watching them on DVDs because it reminds me of how we watch movies at home with my family. I guess it’s also another way for me to get over my homesickness.

Just like life, things and people come and go but there will always be the constant and relevant. Just like my desk and its organised mess: new and old stuff come and go but there will always be things that will remind me of my priorities and what really matters.

Meg Jocson Ong


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