Opening Netflix can sometimes be overwhelming, there’s so much choice and you’ve been recommended about 80 different shows with no idea where to start. That’s where I come in! I’ve become quite the master of the art of procrastinating via television shows throughout my university career and I’m here to share my extensive knowledge with all of you! I’ve rounded up some of my favourite shows at the minute so read below to find out what made the cut!

Obviously, number one had to be Stranger Things. I have to admit, at first, I wasn’t blown away – I put the programme on with my friend Marc and it barely grabbed our attention (I think that fault was more so on us for gossiping) but when I decided to give it another go, I was transfixed. I binge-watched the show within days and left with not only a weird crush on Billy but a yearning for more! I loved the nostalgic aesthetic that oozed from the show and the entire plot. It’s worth a watch alone for Winona Ryder but it gets better and better the more you watch. If you’re hesitating to join the hype, don’t!

Secondly, I bring you Queer Eye. It comes more than a decade after the original series it was based on went off the air. There are the ‘fab 5’ who are experts in style, food, grooming, interior design and culture, they go around Atlanta to transform men and women who often have different views to them. It’s such a good watch as it has everything in it from heartbreak, love and friendships plus it’s just cosy television to watch.

Admittedly, I’m late to the Luke Cage hype but I can’t help but rave about this show. It raises political issues within America in such an amazing and informative way, Luke himself is representative of a lot of black men around the world and specifically through the things he goes through. It’s amazing to see a strong black lead within a television show where we get background knowledge and see progressive development of them throughout all whilst they’re the hero of their own story. It’s a Netflix and Marvel combined venture and boy did it pay off – it’s gripping, action-packed and a must watch.

One of the most talked about television show at the minute is Riverdale and I can see why. The gripping plot has twists and turns throughout keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, teenage angst and recently has raised some really important issues within society. The show fits perfectly into the hole in our hearts that Pretty Little Liars left and is just super easy to watch (and procrastinate with). It’s based around the characters of the Archie Comics and follows the life of Archie Andrews and his friends in small town Riverdale whilst showing that not everything is as sweet and perfect as it seems.

How to Get Away with Murder (htgawm) is a show I’ve watched since it began in 2014, it’s produced by Shonda Rhimes and those keyed into television will know that infamous name. Rhimes is responsible for the likes of Scandal (literally also amazing and everyone must watch it) and Grey’s Anatomy. Her great talent and creativity produced one of the most outstanding television shows to date with htgaw, it’s explorative of so many different and important issues which are brought to light in a way which makes more people understand them from racism, sexism, homophobia to raising awareness for AIDS. It’s a legal/thriller/mystery drama based around Annalise Keating (played by the amazing Viola Davis), a law professor, who with five of her students become involved and entwined in a murder plot. Viola Davis became the first black woman to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series as well as winning two SAG Awards, if my long-winded paragraph telling you to watch didn’t work then that sure should!

There are so many more TV shows I could talk about that I loved but I wanted to keep this article focused on those on Netflix currently with a mix of genres. There are a ton more shows I love such as Reign, Scandal, The Crown, Victoria and End of the F**king World (so good!) that are also worth a watch, but I thought I’d cast a light mainly on the five above. What Netflix shows do you love, and do you think I missed out any major players? Let me know!

Becky Gibbs

Stunning illustration by Isaac Coppin


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