Friday’s are now known for the charts, both past and present – but rather than run down the past like some nostalgic hedonist, we’re seeking the future, bringing you a ‘track of the week’, each week (we’re good like that), from a multitude of up and coming bands and artists, as well as a few album tracks that have been kept under the radar.

Up this week: ‘Tell Me Lies About Manchester’ – Cabbage

Hailing from Manchester, Cabbage is the type of band you simply can’t ignore. The music is bold, the band is brash, and there is a sense of trepidation: will they make it big, or are they just another Manc band? Either way, according to Cabbage, they’re here to stay.

‘Tell Me Lies About Manchester’ follows in the same vein. First released on their EP Under Capitalist Death Trade before making the cut on their debut album Young, Dumb and Full Of…, the track is a homage to their hometown, to all that Manchester is and everything they’ve lived in their as yet short lives.

Fuzzy throughout, and rumbling along at a meandering pace for a near full seven minutes, ‘Tell Me Lies About Manchester’ is nothing if not experimental for the five-piece, spinning reality and surrealism in tandem. And whilst they may be praised as Manchester’s next big thing, at least here, void of such grand gesture, they stand as an intriguing light amongst a constantly contorting music industry.


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