Love it or hate it, the award season is usually a busy and exciting time for film lovers, with the Oscars always at the centre of our calendars. And of course, half the fun is guessing who’ll walk home with the award on the night. So here, I humbly offer my predictions for 2017

Best Picture

The Best Picture list seems a much more promising bunch than last years for a start. Personally, I think it would be exciting to see Arrival walk home with the prize, an idea driven, intelligent sci-fi that we don’t often see at the Oscars. However, it seems almost inevitable that La La Land will emerge triumphant and if the coldest of hearts will probably reluctantly agree. That film is a gem.

My Pick: Arrival

Will Win: La La Land

Actor in A Leading Role

This one could prove interesting. Casey Affleck is certainly the bookies favourite (despite recent sexual assault allegations). Andrew Garfield, who personally I thought was amazing in Martin Scorsese’s Silence, a film overlooked this year, also is in with a shot. Affleck probably deserves to win but I thought Ryan Gosling did an excellent job in La La Land. It’s not a particularly Oscary role but he was believable throughout and was huge part of the film’s charm.

My Pick: Ryan Gosling

Will Win: Casey Affleck

Actress in a Lead Role

Again, there seems to be a clear favourite here with Natalie Portman as Jackie. I would usually be sceptical of biopics at the Oscars. To me, playing a real person can often seem more of an impression than a performance, although there are obvious exceptions such as Day-Lewis as Lincoln or Helen Mirren in The Queen. However, Jackie is a great film, and doesn’t feel like the normal biopics that we expect, largely due to Portman’s performance. Emma Stone was also great in La La Land, and there is the inevitable Meryl Streep nomination (thoroughly deserved as usual) but I think the award is Portman’s.

My Pick: Natalie Portman

Will Win: Natalie Portman

Actor in a supporting role

This is often the category where the biggest surprises can be found. Would be great to see Dev Patel take away the award for the emotionally stirring Lion. Patel has gone from strength to strength over the years and I’m sure he’s got an Oscar in him one day. However the favourite is Mahershala Ali in Moonlight and it is by all accounts a mesmerising performance in a mesmerising film.

My Pick: Dev Patel

Will Win: Mahershala Ali

Actress in a supporting role

Denzel Washington’s Fences isn’t a perfect film, and struggles to translate the play it’s based on to the screen. However, Viola Davis performance is perfect and is sure to take away the prize. However, Naomi Harris adds another amazing performance to Moonlight and it wuld be great to see her take home the award.

My Pick: Naomi Harris

Will Win: Viola Davis

Best Animated Feature

Often the Animated Feature category is more exciting than Best Picture and this year there are some great films in contention. The Red Turtle is a wonderfully weird film from Studio Ghibli and Zootopia is ridiculous fun but I feel that Kubo and the Two Strings will win over the judges. However, for me Moana is the clear standout, a film that proves Disney are in a new golden age of features that are breaking the rules they established in the genre.

My Pick: Moana

Will Win: Kubo and the Two Strings


Another good category this year. If Arrival doesn’t get the Best Picture it will most probably win this one, although once again La La Land is in with a good shout. However, I really hope it goes to Silence, a Scorsese passion project that has been overlooked but I’m sure will go down as a classic, not least because it is beautiful to look at.

My Pick: Silence

Will Win: La La Land


Denis Villenue has surely got an Oscar in him somewhere, and could easily win here. However, La La Land is too much Damain Chazelle’s baby to not win, and his stamp is all over this.

My Pick: Arrival

Will Win: La La Land

There are many other categories but these are the only ones I feel I can comment in with any real authority. Who do you think should win?

Jamie Hutton


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