It’s a New Year, so it’s out with the old (literally, aufweidersen flashbacks), and hello to the fresh Friday feature from music. Rather than run down the past like some nostalgic hedonist, we’re seeking the future, bringing you a ‘track of the week’, each week (we’re good like that), from a multitude of up and coming bands and artists, as well as a few album tracks that have been kept under the radar.

Up this week: ‘Down By The River’ – Scruffy Bear

Hailing from Manchester, a city held as one of the bastions of the British music scene, Scruffy Bear are the product of a blues rock and sixties sound, fusing past and present to create something altogether original and indeed seminal.

Released through ALBA Records MCR and available all over the web (think Spotify and Tidal…) ‘Down By The River’ is the debut track from the Manchester four piece, and it doesn’t half set their stall. There is no pretence here, no waning introductions, if you’ve come for good music, then you better be sure you’ve found it. Just as strong live as it is on tape, ‘Down By The River’ is the image of dynamic vocals and strutting riffs.

A thunderous track that builds from its already mean starting point to a furore of an ending, be sure to check out the latest from Scruffy Bear and expect more to come from the Manchester group.





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