When thinking about style we think of what everyone else wears, what’s in magazines, shops and on the couture catwalks in Paris. Its not all about that. Its about you and your style. Every day fashion can be tough, but with a few simple decisions about the key statement pieces needed in your wardrobe, you’re set to always look your best. Which, more importantly, can follow you where ever you go.

Traveling can be difficult at the best of times, but when it comes to fashion and a weekend sized bag, who doesn’t struggle to pack what’s needed to look amazing. Unexpected events can also make things difficult as not everything can be packed for every eventuality, meaning this guide is key to make sure you arrive and dress style.

It might not carry a pair killer heels or a sharp suit, but there are solutions to look and feel great when away on a weekend trip, without compromising due to bag size.

Whether a lady or a gentleman a great pair of flats is a must, especially if your going away for a weekend there could be a lot of city walking. A stylish shoe. Something with a difference, a statement, a metallic shoe. Metallica’s and shine are in style at the moment and are not going out of fashion just quite yet. High street stores and catwalks are gleaming. Perfect for both, they can be dressed up or down adding a simple shimmer to anyone’s step. For ladies it’s a fabulous alternative to the heel in the evening as they can be worn with almost any trouser, jeans, dress, or skirt and still look as amazing as a posh pair of glittery heels. For the gents, a metallic lace up will go perfectly with a simple top and jeans or a suite and tie — to dress things up — saving space in your bag. The style of the metallic shoe is yours to decide as there are so many to chose from. Make sure there comfortable as you will avoid wearing them if not!

By packing a pair of metallic shoes you can’t be faulted as where ever you walk your sure to gain some positive attention as many don’t dare to wear shine on their feet.

This one’s for the ladies: a bright lipstick. Whether your colour is pink, red, purple or nude, a statement lipstick will make you feel fabulous where ever you go. Even with little face and eye make up and just a bright lipstick you will stand out from the crowd. Being such a small item, it doesn’t even have to go in your weekend bag it can fit in your hand bag for easy use. If you can’t decide on just one colour, why not take a bright and a nude tone fit for every occasion both day and night, that suit you. When packing for the weekend, t-shirts and tops can be tricky to get right as there are so many styles, for so many occasions, therefore allowing us justify taking our entire collection of tops with us… just in case. Unfortunately, a small bag doesn’t allow for this, so why not take a simple plain T-shirt with you. White, black, grey are easy tones that can be worn with any trouser, jean or skirt. Just because a t-shirt is plain doesn’t mean its not for the stylish traveler as many celebrities have been seen in plain t-shirts looking stylish recently. t-shirts are very easy to wear and are very comfortable. A style tip would be to tuck your t shirt into your jeans creating a vintage style. You could leave your t shirt out and have it hanging t-shirt to your knees or lower and see how a t shirt can transform your style by being comfortable but also make you feel amazing in something very minimalistic.

Why not pair a simple outfit with a bright patterned scarf? A scarf can have the same effect as wearing a beautiful top or amazing patterned trousers. For both men and women this is a very stylish accessory and with winter approaching what a great excuse to wear a stylish scarf. Whether woollen, cotton or silk a scarf can say so much about you as a person. Pair an oversized scarf with a plain t-shirt for a warm but trendy look that everyone’s wearing. Guys – put a tartan scarf on with your winter coat to achieve a cozy but fashionable style this winter, making other guy think about wearing scarfs when they pass you in the street this weekend. Scarfs don’t have to just be worn outside in cold weather, they can be worn all year round inside and out.

The final main piece that should be packed is a statement belt. Both for guys and girls a belt is both functional and stylish. Pair with mom jeans to achieve a classy yet vintage look. With your bag being small and belts not taking up a lot of room why not take two completely different styles, one of which you can wear while traveling. Belts can also work well with a smart trouser and can give a smart look to a causal outfit. A belt on show is a great way to be noticed and to make you feel great.

-By Eleanor Oldham



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