It’s finally that time of the year again, INTERNATIONAL DAY !

If you’ve never heard of it, keep reading so you will understand why you need to come to the union tomorrow (the 16th of November) from 11 until 3pm and if you’ve been already this 5 reasons to come to International day can still be of your interest! At International day you will…

  1. Travel the world in one day

What if I tell you that you could travel the world in one day and only by going to the union? I am pretty sure we all dream to travel the world but this dream can be stopped because of money and time. Well, Loughborough is bringing to you the world for one unique and special day, International day!

  1. Discover new cultures

By travelling the world you will of course discover so many different cultures that you probably never thought existed. You will find new customs in so many ways from clothes, to performances from their country, and food.

  1. Enjoy FREE food Yes, you’ve read right, there will be free food and even free drinks! Simply, because the main thing that countries will share with you are their food. From wine to spring rolls, you can expect anything!
  1. Meet the beautiful diversity of Loughborough

International day is mostly about bringing cultures together and showing YOU the diversity that Loughborough has to offer. As Tiffany Kwok, a second year student said “ There is a sense of community as everyone gathers to prepare for international day, for example the entire planning process, cooking, grocery shopping… It is also a chance to get closer to people from your own country and provides the opportunity for freshers and returners to bond.”

  1. Experience a unique day

And also it will allow you to experience something unique, something really different from your everyday life and that never hurts anyone!

If after that you still don’t want to come, maybe the words of our very own International Development officer, Marina Soria, could convince you : “International Day is a celebration of the cultural diversity of our Loughborough students. The event is run by our students and they put so much effort in their individual stalls that you don’t want to miss this out!”

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-By Salomé Doré


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