In a campaign that gripped the world, this week announced that Donald Trump has beaten his opponent, Hilary Clinton, and is the new President. There has been global outrage at this shock victory and many feel very strongly at the outcome. We asked Label to tell us what they think of Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States of America:

When the EU Referendum happened I watched the news until I fell asleep. When I jolted awake in the early hours it was as if entering a nightmare as I saw the way the votes were going. In the morning my mum came in to wake me up saying “it’s time to wake up on the day we leave the EU”. I was shocked, dismayed, and shed a little tear for our country.

Yesterday’s sequence of events was remarkably similar. I watched the news until I fell asleep, all the presenters joking about the hilarious possibility of Trump being the next leader of the free world. When I woke up at some ungodly hour and checked the news, the laughter was gone and the nightmare had begun again. When my mum came in to wake me up she said, “it’s time to wake up on the day Donald Trump looks set to be the new President”. I was shocked, dismayed, and shed a little tear – this time for humanity.

– Leanna Kightley, Label Editor

I think that Brexit provided enough foreshadowing for this result not to be a total surprise. Trump’s opponents must consider their approach ahead of the inevitable inquest. Instead of accusing Americans of voting in support of a racist, misogynistic demagogue, they should instead ask why they felt the need to turn to Trump in spite of the views he aired throughout the campaign. Listening, rather than othering voters on the basis that they are otherers, is the best way to truly understand the situation: a vital first step on the road to ensuring Mr Trump doesn’t triumph again in 2020.

– Liam David Hopley, Label Head of Design

The election is over and the people have spoken. The fear and apprehension that follows can be understood but it would be hypocritical to condemn the result of the election. We embrace the values of democracy, equality and freedom and we must respect the outcome, regardless of our personal views. It was sad to witness so much hatred, animosity and division during this election but now we should wake from this trance and remember who we all are – human.

Perhaps the current world events remind us of the past and makes us afraid… because the history we know must not be allowed to repeat itself.

– Aldas Kruminis

It’s shocking that in 2016 so many people agree with a president who has so publicly expressed sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic and ignorant views. It must be so horrible to be living in America and being anyone other than a straight white cisgender man right now, knowing that you’re surrounded by people who think that your life is worth less than theirs and that white male privilege is very much a real thing. Equally, I’m both shocked and disappointed that 11,000 people used their write-in vote to vote for Harambe or Hennessey, showing a lack of concern and respect for the country and the minorities living in it who will be directly affected by Trump’s presidency. It’s a massive step backward, and in no way, progress towards a better or seemingly “greater again” America.

– Lydia Kah- Pavlou, Label Culture Editor


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