The award for the weirdest story this week goes to a woman from Portland, Oregon for epitomising the word ‘stupid’.

When Erin Hatzi woke up one day to find her red Subaru gone from the road outside her house, she started to panic and reported it as stolen to the police. Imagine Hatzi’s surprise when she woke up the following morning to discover that the car had been returned. An anonymous note was discovered on the car, with the opening phrase: “sorry I stole your car.” The note then goes on to explain how the thief had sent their friend to pick up their Subaru and only realised the next morning that the car they received did not belong to them. As a good will gesture to apologise for stealing the car and leaving an anonymous note, the accidental thief also left $30 petrol money.

According to local police, although unusual, it is not impossible for old Subaru keys to be able to open multiple cars of the same make. Whilst this somewhat explains the mistake, it still doesn’t compensate for the stupidity of driving off in the wrong car and committing accidental theft.

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– By Ellie MacKenzie, News Editor


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