The new university year has started, and that can only mean one thing: ‘One for the Weekend’ is back. This aims to brighten up your weekend by reporting or commenting on the amusing, unusual or downright strange stories that have crept into the news.

In my eyes, dunking fries into a milkshake is the perfect drunken snack or hangover cure. Whilst it may not be the healthiest, it certainly does satisfy that craving for greasy, creamy junk food. However, it was revealed this week that not everyone shares my joy for the milkshake and fries combo. In fact, there was pure outrage, arguments and chaos when McDonald’s posted an advert on their Facebook page suggesting that their customers partake in this delicious yet disgusting ritual.

The advert gained a range of mixed responses. It would appear I’m not alone in my secret habit, with thousands of others also embracing the somewhat bizarre combination. There were even a few outrageous commenter’s who suggested dunking chicken nuggets or a Big Mac: I think I’ll stick to my fries. However, there were also thousands of comments shocked that such a thing would even be considered. One gentlemen was evidently not a dunking fan, and merely commented “dunking is wrong”, whilst some took a more extreme approach to the suggestion. A few people perhaps got slightly too worked up about the suggestion, with one man claiming that those who partake in this unusual ritual must either be severely wrong in the head or pregnant, and another stating: “can’t believe people dip fries in milkshake, that’s so many level of food abuse”

Where do you stand on the dunking debate? Let us know in the comments!

By Ellie Mackenzie


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