The night ends with everyone singing the Loughborough Walk on Water chant in unison. How lovely.


All hall reps have been called to the stage. The air is incredibly tense after Falk Egg’s silent protest! #PlotTwist

Falk Egg are continuing to chant over the presenter, at this rate may be asked to leave the room!!

Falk Egg are now chanting ‘you pay our benefits’ to Elvyn! They have been formally asked to be quiet.

The final starts now – Jon Ako is repeating the rules once more to ensure that the competition is fair.


Telford are smashing it again with clear chanting and loud voices. Their rendition of 50 cent’s candy shop is rather raunchy and fits well. They have used their 2 minutes to the full and remain strong contenders to be the winners this year.

Harry French

Harry French are back at it again telling Bakewell and Dc to ‘SHAT AP’ and with their We Will Rock You rendition, which is perfectly in time with the fast clapping. Apparently they miss the old JCs. #Awkward. They end their 2 minutes with another mic drop moment.

Elvyn Richards

Elvyn are back with their literally regimented chants and are seemingly even louder than before. Now they’re chanting about Tesco’s and the Elvyn army end on a high.


It’s the sound of RBPD, the siren screeching is back and it really is effective. Bakewell are clearly passionate and are literally screeching their many chants, we’ll have to see if it was enough in a few minutes’ time! And the pants are off of the Hall rep on stage!

Falk Egg

And will Falk Egg get disqualified this time? Currently the hall rep is sat on the stage with the middle finger pointed at ‘the system’, we assume, and everyone is silent. We did not expect this!!!! For a whole 2 minutes there has not even been a pin drop. Only after their 2 minutes are up do they start chanting ‘we are falk egg say we are falk egg’.

This leaves Elvyn, Falk Egg, Harry French, Bakewell and Telford who are through to the final round.

Elvyn and Falk Egg won in Heat 1 and Harry French and Bakewell won Heat 2 and finally, Heat 3 winners are yet to be announced.

The first hall to leave Room 1 is DC, next, the Holt. Faraday have now been asked to leave. There is only one more hall going through this heat, which is… TELFORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heat 3

In the last heat with the rest of the halls, which are Telford, DC, Butler, The Holt and Faraday, we will find out which have gone through to the Sing Off final 2016!

The Holt

A large Mickey Mouse and deer has appeared on stage. ‘Everybody in the holt get tipsy’ seems to be the more clearer chant, possibly not as loud as the other halls but their chant to the Bare Necessities is quality. Elsa from Frozen has appeared also, and yep, you guessed it, The Holt is also ‘on fire’ (na na na na na na na na etc).


They’ve found the golden ticket, and are throwing shade at Bakewell and DC. The boys and girls chanting separately is effective and they are extremely loud, top marks for the lollipop chant in line with their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme. And of course, ‘Oh Telford hall is wonderful’.


A few boos are in swing as the hall chair appears on stage. With the Day of the Dead theme, they are already looking rather intimidating and their chants are just as impressive. Everyone’s in sync and in time which makes the chants more effective, they seem to also have gone for the bare necessities soundtrack, like Telford. The hall chair has really got them riled up jumping around and they’ve squashed in a lot of chants into their 2 minutes – they’ve also ‘got a bigger one than you’ and ‘dab on Bill Mo’.


DC have gone with the Wild West theme and the ‘DC til we die chant’. The hall chair’s voice is nice and clear, and they are preaching that poor old Telford are, well, sh*t. They just had a few seconds of silence, which is rather confusing. 15 seconds left and there’s all the effing and jeffing, and now they are going mental, the hall chair has thrown his shirt into the crowd and kicked a pinata on stage – is this allowed?


They’ve got a good stomp on which makes their chant far more intimidating. Butler are definitely louder, and have rick rolled the whole capacity of Room 1. Their loud stomping really does work to pair with their chants, especially ‘ah ah ah ah Butler Court’ in the style of Stayin’ Alive.

Telford, The Holt and Faraday seem to have a good chance of getting through.

Heat 2

Room 1 is empty again as the union prepares for the entrance of Royce, Rigg Rut, Bill Mo, Bakewell and  Harry French. Rigg Rut have an interesting theme of I’m a Celeb this year, and Bill Molympics, which are quite inventive. Most other halls seem to have gone for a childlike theme, but they’re still fun all the same!


Royce have started out nice and loud, throwing a lot of shade to Telford hall. Clapping is a little out of sync and the lyrics are melting together a bit but they’re good and consistent and loud. This year their theme is the Purge film. They are armed with a tooting horn and some loud clapping, with 15 seconds left Royce wrap it up with some more horn tooting and mad stomping.

Rigg Rut

They start off with some drum banging and chanting along to the ‘In the Jungle’ song, and though they are a little unintelligible, they are loud, possibly more so than Royce. An inflatable crocodile is making its way across the raised hands – does this count as throwing? And yet another chant to ‘Will Griggs on fire’.

Bill Mo

‘Everybody else knows who we are, we are bill mo til we die’, and we think so far Bill Mo are by far the loudest. They do have a range of songs to chant to, including Radio Gaga which has been amended to: ‘All we here is Telford are a**eholes’! Their 2 minutes are up, and is ended with a long SHH.


Bakewell are welcomed onto the stage with a blaring police siren and a few boos. The girls are shrieking like sirens and the boys and booming with a chant to ‘just can’t get enough’, which is quite in line with the theme. The classic Shrek song is being chanted to throwing even more shade towards Telford. ‘Robert Bakewell hall are the best in Loughborough’! And YET AGAIN, the Will Griggs song is whipped out, and they’re very consistent and with a range of chants.

Harry French

Harry French are in wonderland, apparently. Harry French are telling Bakewell and DC to SHAT AP, with plenty of sass. Now they’ve got a pretty intimidating chant to ‘We will rock you’ to ‘Eff off eff off Telford’. What did Telford do to them?! Now they’re doing a lovely chant about the new JCs, and ‘we are Harry French say we are Harry French’. They sign out with ‘Holla holla, we them boys’.

The Loughborough Walks on Water chant unites all the exec and hall reps on stage.

Harry French and Bill Mo (last years’ winners) seem to hold the fort for a strong chance of getting through.

Heat 1

The exec are now on the stage, and ready to introduce one of the biggest nights of your freshers’. Room 1 is on fire with excitement! Your Union President Jon Ako tells us of the rules:

1 – don’t chant while another hall is chanting

2 – no throwing other objects

3 – no pushing or shoving


The ‘Red Army’ are on fire (na na na na na) making an impressive start. A lot of shade is being thrown at Cayley, while they proclaim to be going effing mental. Rutherford’s time is now up!


The Towers hall rep is now on stage cloaked in a lovely Harry Potter esque outfit. Their chants appear to be a bit out of sync, but they are definitely louder than Rutherford.  Apparently they are chanting about not wanting an STD, which is very fair. Chanting to the Noah’s Ark, Towers are now throwing shade to Elvyn. Falk Egg is vile, also, apparently. Towers definitely have made the most of their 2 minutes!

Falk Egg

The audience are literally shrieking as Mario comes onto the stage with his green tube thing in tow. A slow clap is being built up, and now their ‘just can’t get enough’ chant is in full swing. Now they’re all dancing and clapping, and also chanting rude things about Elvyn! ‘We are Falk Egg say whaaat” closes their 2 minutes in the spotlight.

Elvyn Richards

The lights turn green as the Elvyn army start. They are walking left right left and stand to attention, clapping and chanting ‘Bakewell tastes like sh*t’, and apparently Bakewell are ‘not them’, tuning in to a bit of grime there. Now their chant is slowly building louder and louder, with 15 seconds left Elvyn go out with a bang with a repeated ‘we are elvyn army’.


Boos welcome Cayley on stage. ‘Tick tock tick tock’ is in line with their Alice in Wonderland theme, the girls are boys chant seperately ‘walking in a Cayley wonderland’. Stomping and clapping Cayley are very very loud. A little bit out of sync towards the end and a few awkward pauses, but with their stomping actually sounding like a professional drumkit that’s pretty impressive. 15 seconds left and Cayley finish with a mic drop moment and a few boos from the crowd.

Who do you think will go through? Falk Egg were very clear and creative, and Cayley seemed to make the most of their time. Round one is now over as the Exec go to decide who goes through to the next round. No disqualifications there at this round, which is a first for Falk Egg!


The lights are off and the Sing Off 2016 is officially starting!

Cayley have just arrived and are accompanied with a mass of boos.

Rutherford are building up their chants and making themselves heard.

Elvyn have also come armed with what looks to be a massive cardboard car. Will this lead to disqualification if it’s misused?

The Elvyn army have arrived.

The themes have been rather varied this year, including Towers’ Harry Potter, The Holt’s Disney theme and Telford’s Chocolate Factory.

Falk Egg have just been told off for the first time this evening.

Noise is building up now as almost all of the Room 1 dancefloor is filled. More Marios from Falk Egg keep coming jeering and shouting.

Some halls are making the Better Decisions sign while Falk Egg take their place. Let’s see if their better decisions will follow through this evening!

All of the boos flow in as Falk Egg arrive! Will they get disqualified tonight? Who knows what they will do.

Towers are still making their way in, and seem to be rather confident…

The tension is massively building as the different halls eye each other up – who will make it through the first heat?

Almost half of the Room 1 dancefloor is occupied now, as more halls arrive.

Towers and filing in with some very interesting face paint!

Crows are jeering and Cayley are making themselves very much heard!

Room 1 is filling up with some excited freshers, being directed into their respective territories.

Some halls are starting to arrive, including Rutherford who are already causing a stir!

Welcome to the Sing Off 2016 live feed! We will be updating this article AS IT HAPPENS so don’t go anywhere!



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