The campus was buzzing again today with another third of halls moving in, and Label were yet again on the road to catch up with some of the freshers transitioning into Loughborough life.  

Our first stop on today’s tour was Harry French, which despite being slightly off campus saw its fair share of move-in day excitement. We managed to catch up with Molly, a fresher helper.

So, are you excited to be back at uni?

Yes! It’s a home away from home, and you just can’t beat the atmosphere.

How do you feel about living with freshers?

It’s great and makes them feel welcome. I can be a mentor for them and I can always answer questions as I’ll live just a couple of doors away.

What, would you say, is the best thing about halls?

The community spirit. It’s so rare in such a big university.

Any advice for the freshers moving in today?

Imagine what your parents would say. If they’d tell you to go for it, go for it!

Fantastic advice, we say! We couldn‘t leave without speaking to one of Harry French’s new recruits though, so we also had a quick chat with Ebony.

Hi Ebony! What are you going to do once you’ve unpacked and are all settled in?

Meet everyone! But that’s also what I’m most nervous about. I hope everyone wants to have fun but aren’t really heavy drinkers!

Can you cook?

No! Absolutely not, it’ll be potato waffles and cheese for me. Comfort food!

Good plan! What’s the weirdest thing you packed?

Umm, duct tape! Something is bound to fall apart!

Good planning ahead there! Finally, what’s your go-to beverage?

Rose wine – I won’t be able to afford it though, will I?!

Well, some shops in Loughborough do some pretty good deals, Ebony! Next we moved on to Butler Court, where we met Ben, who was keen to get out and do a big food shop but still had time for Label (thanks, Ben – priorities and all).14445201_10154467212574647_2089034895739881768_o

What’s your best dish?

Tomato soup! That’ll do.

What’s the weirdest thing you packed?

My pizza cutter! Maybe not everyone has one of those!

Favourite drink?

Not much preference? Probably a Stella.

Classic! And what are you looking forward to most?

Settling in and the first night out!

What will you miss most from home?

My job! It’s mucking out horses so it’s not the most glamorous.

Finally, best hangover cure?

Starting again!

That’s the Loughborough way! So, off we went to the village where our first stop was Rigg-Rut and we just managed to catch Cerian as she was approaching the common room! She was more than happy to have a chat with us, even when Alice started telling us her best dried-fruit-related chat up lines…

14468749_10154467210169647_2649782442066285208_oCerian, what’s your best dish?

Ooh, a cheese toastie!

Nice, and what are you most nervous about

Not making friends!

We’re sure you will! What’s your go-to drink?

Anything, literally everything!

Good attitude to have during Freshers’! So after a night drinking ‘anything’, how will you get over the inevitable?

Marmite on toast, every time!

And finally, what will you miss the least from home?

This is going to sound really mean, but my little sister!

Ahh, we’re sure you don’t mean that Cerian, have a great Freshers’. Next stop, Faraday, and yet again Label bumped into another exotic new student, Alistair from Sudan, whose journey had taken over 17 hours!

After a long day travelling, what are you going to cook for yourself?

I don’t cook, but I can probably whip up some pasta!14434881_10154467233104647_931171068721943852_o

What are you most nervous about?


Ooh, brave! What’s your best chat-up line then?

Ahh I think it’s best just to go for a simple “hey, how you doing?” rather than using any cringey chat-up lines.

Finally, what will you miss least from home?

The country, for sure.

Well, we hope your time in Loughborough is worth the trip! Next we bumped into some wandering Harry French returners who were really excited about the Freshers’ ahead! Meet Chris and Stuart:

How excited are you to return to halls?

Very! It’s so good to do it all over again, but a bit weird at the same time!

What do you think it will be like living with Freshers’?

It’ll be fun. The campus will be nice and lively again, but that’s not great or when we need to really knuckle down!

14409903_10154467243149647_2909589038033192553_oWhat’s the best thing about halls?

I love the social aspect AND you get a cleaner. The worst thing about living in a house was not having a cleaner.

Everyone loves a cleaner! Lastly then, what’s your best advice to Freshers’?

Compromise, lads. What an answer! Also attend all the events put on by the hall. Be wise, compromise. 

Brilliant advice! We will take that with us to our last hall for the day, Cayley. There we had a quick natter with Callum. 

Hi Callum! Now you’re all moved in, what are you going to do first?

Probably apply for the gym!

That’s very motivated! So what are you good at cooking? Fancy healthy dishes?

Nahh, I’m rubbish. The best I can cook is toast.

Mmm, stodgy! What are you most nervous about?

I was nervous on the way here but now I’m here I’m fine actually!

Good! What’s the weirdest thing you packed?14435009_10154467226729647_8218159384893790785_o

Some novelty sunglasses.

And finally what’s your go-to beverage and best hangover cure?Vodka and Coke, which is probably quite expensive, and then I sleep until 12. I’m fine after that.

You’ll find some good drinks deals at the Union, Callum, we’re sure of that!

Thanks to everyone who spoke to us today, we hope you have the most fantastic Freshers’! Remember to catch more Freshers’ coverage at

Interviews and article by Leanna Kightley and Alice Priestley

Photography by Elias Ruiz  Monserrat and Ushandan Kirapularatnam


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