With exams long out of the way, it’s not unusual to find yourself wondering how to spend the long workless days when you have no plans. Netflix UK often gets a bit of a bad reputation for not living up to the services available on the streaming site in other countries around the world, but with a bit of digging there’s definitely something for everyone when you’re in the mood for a long day of doing nothing except binge watching TV. So if you’re struggling to find something worthwhile to get into watching, here are some great shows on Netflix UK.

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a show that takes on the features of traditional Latin telenovelas but with a modern twist. Featuring a love triangle, an unwanted pregnancy, a famous telenovela star and the search for a notorious undercover crime lord it’s a show never short of drama. After being accidentally artificially inseminated (it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds) Jane finds that her lifelong plan to save her virginity for marriage under threat, and choosing between her long time partner and the father of her baby is more complicated than she thought. But it’s not just Jane managing her family, relationships, job and friendships that make the drama so gripping. Her long-term boyfriend Michael is a detective determined to undercover the case of a highly dangerous drug lord known as Sin Rostro, which leads to more than one murder. Hilariously funny, but filled with dramatic plot twists Jane the Virgin is a refreshing modern comedy.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a police sitcom chronicling the personal and professional lives of a group of New York City detectives. Main character Jake Peralta’s laid back attitude and approach to his job is contrasted with his sensible colleague Amy Santiago’s fuelling a playful rivalry between the two of them providing entertainment, whilst the rest of the department are quick to pick up the pieces and pull together as a team. With the first two seasons on Netflix, you’ll become hooked.

Orange is The New Black

It seems unfair to write an article on Netflix and not mention one of their most successful original dramas Orange is the New Black. With the whole of season 4 released last month, binge watching has never been easier. If you haven’t already become addicted to the show which follows the lives of several prisoners both before and after their arrests in a minimum security female prison then you’re missing out, and definitely need to jump on the bandwagon. After all, most of the world are obsessed and for good reason.

Orphan Black

Tatiana Maslany takes on the role of multiple characters in this sci-fi thriller, starting with Sarah Manning a young con artist who accidentally witnesses the suicide of a stranger who looks alarmingly like her. Seeing an opportunity Sarah takes on the identity of the stranger, but soon realises she’s part of something much, much bigger. The dark drama follows a series of clones; all of whom have no idea how or why they’re connected and up until their meeting had been living normal lives across the world completely unaware of their pasts. Being wanted by both the police and a religious group targeting them for research the clones must work together, work out who to trust and find out who is killing them and why.

How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder is a legal drama that starts off as a group of law students studying at a prestigious university and ends in them getting involved in a murder mystery of their own. After being chosen as interns for their professor the group of 5 students soon find themselves thrown into covering up for a murder. The time frame that constantly flicks between the past and the present shows you events from the night of the murder from episode one, but who did it and why? You’ll have to finish to find out.

– By Lydia Kah-Pavlou


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