After a week of campaigning from both the Remain in the Game and LS Leave teams the results of the NUS Referendum are in. A total of 2162 votes were cast meaning that the quorum has not been met; therefore meaning the final decision on the NUS referendum is down to the Board of Trustees.

Breakdown of votes: The quota for the referendum stood at 1081 votes. Of the 2162 votes 94 people voted to abstain and for the Board of Trustees to decide. A total of 1175 people voted to leave the NUS while 893 people voted to remain in the NUS.

This equates to 54.35% of votes to leave the NUS and 41.30% for stay in the NUS. While there were more votes to leave the NUS, the decision of whether this is enough in comparison of the 25,833 that could have voted falls to the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees will now meet to decide whether LSU remains or leaves the NUS. VP Union Affairs told Label that the decision made by the Board of Trustees is independent of the LSU Execs beliefs and the criteria for their decision is unknown.

Jess Excell, Union President, shared her thoughts:

‘Thank to you to all of the students who have voted in the NUS Referendum, and thank you to those involved in both campaign teams. It is down to their efforts that we received this many votes.

I am very pleased that students have had the opportunity to voice their opinions on this matter; the outcome will make a huge difference to Loughborough Students Union.

The Board of Trustees is elected to make decision in line with the best interests of the Union and its students. I look forward to hearing the outcome at the next meeting.’

Label will endeavour to keep students up to date with the situation as much as possible.

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