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With voting now open in the NUS Referendum and with both sides after your vote, Label have been looking into how voting will work and what will happen if Loughborough students vote to leave the NUS.
The quorum for LSU’s referendum on its membership is laid out in the Union Constitution as being 4000 students, with the majority vote being the deciding outcome. Label further investigated how voting will work and asked whether those who abstain in voting, by voting ‘No Further Preference’, will be counted as part of the 4000 votes. Max Crawford, VP Union Affairs, told Label that anyone who abstains in this vote is saying that-

“[they are] not sure and want the Board to make the decision. This still counts as a vote and is different to not voting at all”.

However, Label asked what would happen if the quorum was not met. Label were told that in the outcome of the quorum not being met, that the Board of Trustees would vote on the decision of whether to leave or remain in the NUS. Label asked how this would work, especially as there are members on the Board of Trustees that are highly opinionated one way or another.

Max Crawford told Label:

“The Board will take account of all relevant factors and the preference and quantity of votes in a referendum will be very important”.

Even if the quorum were not met, a decision, which takes into account the students voting preference, would be made by the Board of Trustees.

Label also asked that if LSU decides to disaffiliate with the NUS how long will it be until LSU is no longer part of the NUS, whether it is immediate or if there is a grace period. Label were told that in the case of a leave majority vote, LSU would not leave the NUS until December 31st 2016.

With this is mind we asked whether LSU could in theory rejoin after leaving the NUS and whether there was a buy-in fee or whether the NUS could block LSU’s re-entry. Max Crawford said:

“we would be welcomed back as soon as we wanted to return, although another referendum could not be held for at least a year after this one”.

Whilst a decision on LSU’s affiliation with the NUS will be made, whether the voting quorum is met or not, it is highly important that the students of Loughborough vote in this referendum. Whilst Label found out that LSU could return to the NUS in the future, it is important for current and future Loughborough students that as many voting members vote in this referendum. Voting closes on 27th May and you can vote here.

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