At Paris Fashion week this year, the excitement and imagination created at all of the fashion house shows was inspiring. One that stood out in particular was the Balmain fall/winter show, were Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid led the ‘Balmain Army’ and created a buzz in the media.

Balmain’s classic style of boxy silhouettes and symmetrical designs was showcased, alongside an interesting play on models hair and makeup. Kendall and Gigi actually swapped hair colours for the show alongside other models, which sparked a social media frenzy. This style swap made the show fresh and interesting as it was hard to identify the world famous models.

The slicked back and sleek hairstyles that Balmain usually sports were replaced by a messy bed head look, which has been hot on trend over 2015-16. To easily achieve this look, run through your hair with a small-barrelled curling tong. Then brush out the curls and add a bit of texturising spray to create that effortless look.

Balmain clearly followed the mantra ‘less is more’ when it came to deciding how the models would wear their makeup for the show. By contrasting the bold, statement pieces with a very natural ‘no makeup’ look, Balmain maintained the essence of sophisticated luxury without looking too over the top. The pink tones used in the majority of the show were reflected in the dewy, youthful makeup that could be easily achieved with lower end pieces. A simple luminous tinted moisturiser paired with a peachy toned blush, bold brows and lashes could give you the same look with less cash!

Shannon Leahy


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